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Husband Asks If His Wife ‘Has The Right’ To Buy A $1,500 Baby Stroller Even Though He Thinks It’s ‘Stupid & Unreasonable’

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A woman’s costly planned purchase has caused an argument with her husband over whether or not the high-end item was really worth it. 

The husband admitted that his wife made half of their combined income, but that he disagreed with some of her spending habits, especially for their unborn baby. 

The man asked if his wife ‘had the right’ to purchase a $1,500 baby stroller with their money. 

The anonymous man shared his predicament with Rachel Cruze, and personal finance expert George Kamel, of “The Ramsey Show.” 

The frugal soon-to-be dad explained that his wife wants to buy a $1,500 stroller for their baby that is due next year. However, he argued the expense was “stupid” and “unreasonable.”

“We are debt-free, including the house, with a household income of $300,000,” the man revealed. “She [my wife] makes about half of our income and she thinks she has a right to spend $1,500 on a baby after four years of infertility treatments.” 



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The man then asked if he was “off base” for his opinion. 

Cruze and Kamel pointed out how the man’s rhetoric regarding their marital finances was harmful. 

“Even if she [the man’s wife] was a stay-at-home spouse and made $0, I don’t like this language of, ‘She has no right because she doesn’t make this or she makes this,’” Kamel said. “She has a right because she’s part of the partnership of marriage,” Cruze echoed. “She has a right to voice her opinion.” 

While the man’s wife had every right to make purchases with their combined income, Kamel encouraged couples to always ask themselves a significant question before making a big purchase, whatever the purchase may be: “Are we buying this with cash for the right reason, or are we using debt to buy this only to impress people?” 

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Kamel pointed out that this was not a situation where they were purchasing an item while they were in debt just to impress people. “They followed the baby steps, they make $300,000!” Kamel said. While $1,500 may be pricey for just a stroller, the couple clearly earned enough money to make such a purchase.

Making financial decisions that both parties agree on is a dilemma that many married couples face. 

In a committed partnership where your finances will be split, communication is key. Sit down with your partner to have a discussion, make a spreadsheet, and formulate a plan regarding your shared income and expenses. 



For example, you can both agree on contributing a certain percentage of your paychecks to monthly expenses. You can also divide up the bills, with one partner taking care of some while the other handles the rest. 

If you are going to make a big purchase that will impact you both, it is worth having a conversation about it beforehand. 

Even though the stroller was quite pricey, the man’s wife had every right to want to purchase it, and since they were comfortable enough to afford it, it shouldn't have caused conflict in their marriage. 

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