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Girl Delivers Hilarious 'Christmas List Presentation' So That Her Family Knows Exactly What To Get Her

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With the holidays coming up, it is time to start thinking about your gift wish list. However, instead of simply writing down exactly what you want, you could get a little more creative, like one woman who decided to put together a digital presentation to give her family some great suggestions of what to get her for Christmas.

The woman composed a presentation explaining to her family why she deserves the certain gifts she wants for Christmas. 

In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 4 million times, Jenna Lu (@itsjennalu) shared the hilarious PowerPoint presentation that she gave to her family. She started off by informing them that they had “totally [messed] up Christmas” the previous year when it came to gifts. That is why this year, she decided to put together a detailed presentation so that her family would know what specific gifts to get for her. 

Before revealing what gifts she had in mind, Jenna reminded her family of a “few things to keep in mind” just in case they believed that her gift requests were over the top. 

“First of all, I’m the only one who knows how to reset the WiFi,” she said. “And yes, that is a threat.” 



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“Secondly, if you don’t get me what I want I will get a sugar daddy,” she added, claiming that she has had “so many offers from sugar daddies, it’s unreal.” 

Lastly, Lu said that if she is not given her desired gifts this year, she will sell pictures of her feet online just like she did last year. 

In her next slide, Lu shared her “three-tier system of different gifting levels.” She explained, “Basically, the levels equivalate to how much you love me and how much money you have.” 

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Level one, which she referred to as “I’m gonna need therapy,” would require four to seven gifts. 

Lu claimed that if she were only to receive gifts that are classified as level one, then she would go into a “depressive spiral” and her parents would likely have to pay for her therapy. “The thousands of dollars you would have to spend in therapy for me is a waste because you guys could’ve bought me a bunch of gifts right now and avoided the whole situation." 

Level two was the “Getting Warmer Package,” which consisted of eight to 15 gifts. “This is the equivalent of you just texting me ‘Happy Birthday,’” she said. 

Lastly, the third level, called “Ur Sleighing It,” consisted of 25 gifts or more. “Last year, you guys just missed the mark of hitting this because you only got me 23 gifts,” Jenna recalled. 

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She also included photos and prices for each specific gift and informed her parents that she would be sending them an email of her presentation to look back on for reference. “Open up your hearts and your wallets this holiday season!” she concluded. 

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Many people raved over Lu's creative and comical presentation. 

“I’m stealing your idea this holiday season,” one TikTok user commented. “Last year I made a Christmas list and my dad told me, ‘Yeah we didn’t get you anything on the list,’ so now they’re paying for my therapy,” another user shared. “This made my day thank you. Reference that list,” another user urged. 

However, others argued that expecting 25 gifts or more for Christmas was a bit excessive, pointing out that most people receive under five, or sometimes none at all depending on the financial situation that their family is in. 



Based on Lu's humorous presentation, it was all in good fun, and she will be grateful for any Christmas gifts she receives for her family this year. Hopefully, she won't have to start going to therapy or selling pictures of her feet online! 

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