Dad Says He Can’t Afford To Get His Son A Gift Because He Already Pays $2200 A Month In Child Support

He claimed that his son's mother should just use his child support payments to purchase a gift, but she refused.

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A dad admitted that he shouldn't have to buy his son a Christmas gift after giving his mother thousands of dollars a month in child support.

In a video, the unnamed father recorded the argument that he got into with his son's mother in the parking lot of a shopping mall after she confronted him about his excuse for not being able to buy a Christmas gift for their child. She was anything but understanding about his reasoning.


He claimed he couldn't afford to buy their son a Christmas gift because he already pays $2,200 a month in child support.

"Did you not get your son anything for Christmas?" his ex-partner questioned him from the inside of her car. Refusing to be made into a villain, the boy's father claimed that he didn't feel entitled to spend money on a Christmas gift for him when he already paid child support.

Dad Says He Can't Afford To Get His Son A Gift After Paying Child SupportPhoto: SIphotography / Canva Pro


The exchange between him and his former partner got quite heated as the two of them faced off. She argued that she was tired of his excuses and having to chase him down just to beg him to buy his son a gift for the holidays. In response, he held firm on his decision, explaining that he already pays $2,200 a month in child support, and his mother agreed that he shouldn't have to spend any more money.



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However, she interjected and said that his mother's opinion shouldn't be the deciding factor here and that paying child support doesn't extend to gifts at all.


She insisted that all he had to do was walk into the mall and get him a gift, and she'd wait in the parking lot until he was done, but he still refused.

"Just go inside and get your son a gift for Christmas? Why do I gotta beg you to get him a gift?" she questioned.



Her insistence didn't seem to get through to him, and he rebutted that if she was this concerned about a Christmas gift, then she could use the child support money to buy the present herself. 


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She pointed out that she's already the default parent.

She argued that she already spends 24/7 with their son, and the least he could do as the young boy's father was to go into the mall and buy a gift, but he was adamant about not being able to afford a single thing.

He reiterated that he had already given her the monthly child support statements, but she disagreed that it was even enough in the first place.

With daycare alone, she's spending $2,000, which leaves her $200 for other expenses for their son.

Unfortunately, the situation didn't quite get resolved, but the father's attitude toward buying a gift for his son reflects the disconnect between financially providing for a child, which is expected of a parent and being there emotionally for a child as well.


Dad Says He Can't Afford To Get His Son A Gift After Paying Child SupportPhoto: FatCamera / Canva Pro

A gift doesn't have to be expensive to be meaningful. From the conversation between the boy's parents, it appears that he's still rather young and, therefore, isn't expecting a lavish Christmas gift. 

What matters most is the thought and effort put into selecting something that resonates with him, whether that's buying some books, a couple of toys, or some other children's games — it's not about extravagance.


While child support ensures the child's basic needs are met, it doesn't replace the emotional bond between parent and child. By refusing to buy his son a Christmas gift, the father misses an opportunity to show his love and involvement in his son's life beyond financial means.

It's a joint effort to raise a child, and meaningful gestures like buying gifts should be embraced by both parents.

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