Dad Tells His Daughter 'I Can Not Forgive You' & Grounds Her Until She's 18 For Bullying His Fiancée So Much She Called Off Their Engagement

Can their relationship be repaired at this point?

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Losing someone close to you is an incredibly difficult thing. Everyone reacts to and handles it differently. 

One father and daughter evidenced this with their vastly different reactions to the death of their wife and mother. While the father was ready to move on, the daughter was certainly not.

A father gave his daughter a two-year ‘sentence’ after she ruined his wedding to his new fiancée.

A father posted on Reddit, saying he needed to get some things “off my chest.” He stated that his daughter, Ella, is 16-years-old. She recently lost her mother, his wife.


“Before my partner (now ex) was in my life, I was married to my late wife,” he said. “For around 1.5 years, she was in a vegetative state, and I had already grieved her death before she even passed on.”

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“I dipped my feet in the dating market six months after,” he continued. "I met my lovely partner, Chloe, who also had a daughter from her first marriage, and after dating for a year, I proposed to her.”

While this man was perfectly happy with Chloe, Ella was not. He said, “Chloe tried to bond with Ella and did everything possible to make her feel like a welcome presence in her life. Ella wasn’t thrilled and had routinely messed with Chloe, such as guarding her mother’s territory, having an attitude when I got Chloe gifts, [hiding] her stuff, and generally becoming over-rebellious.

It wasn’t long before all of this came to a head. After appearing to reconcile, Chloe asked Ella to pick up her wedding dress from the tailors. It turned out to be a huge mistake.

“To Chloe’s horror, Ella had completely ruined the dress on purpose and admitted as such,” the man said. “Chloe broke down and called off the wedding.”


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Now, this desperate father has done the only thing he can think of.

After what Ella did, her father felt he had to react strongly. “I grounded her until she turns 18 years old,” he said. “She is now to come home straight from school, not allowed to have any relationships … no trips, no social media, nothing.”


“I even put restrictions on internet usage, and she only is allowed one electronic — that is her desktop computer for school,” he said. “I took her smartphone away and gave her a basic sim phone instead. She is also to work at a diner right across … the street and pitch in to household bills and groceries as a part of her sentence.”



Although this dad was able to move on relatively fast, it makes sense that it’s taking his daughter longer to grieve.

This dad was able to move on awfully fast from the loss of his wife. That may be justifiable, given how long before her actual death, it really felt like she was gone. However, he can’t expect everyone, including his daughter, to grieve the same way.

According to the American Cancer Society, “There is no ‘right’ length of time for a person to grieve. It’s important for the person who has lost a loved one to be allowed the time they need to work through their grief.”




Unfortunately, this father wasn’t giving his daughter any time at all. Rather, he expected her to follow his lead.

It’s common for the grief process to take a year or longer,” the American Cancer Society said. This father waited only six months before he started dating the woman who would become his fiancée. It simply wasn’t long enough for his daughter to work through her feelings.


To “sentence” his daughter to such a strict punishment seems cruel and unfeeling. One would think it would be better to work through your pain and problems as a family before adding anyone else into the mix.

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