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Dad Asks How Women Feel When He Walks His Little Girl Into The Ladies' Bathroom

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There are all kinds of challenges that come with being a girl dad, many of which are easily overlooked. One that’s not often thought about is using public restrooms.

One dad online brought attention to this and asked viewers what he should do when he’s with his daughter in public.

A girl dad on TikTok asked for advice on taking his daughter to the restroom in public.

TikTok content creator @OhitsDaddE had some questions for all of the women out there when it came to taking his daughter to the bathroom in public.

“How do women feel if I walk my five-year-old daughter into the women’s bathroom, to use the bathroom, because there is no family bathroom?” he asked.



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The father explained he didn’t want to bring his daughter into the men’s restroom with him and see men using the urinals.

“I’m very curious about that,” he said. “No family bathroom. I got a young daughter. I don’t want to go to the men’s bathroom. What’s my option?”

This dad was thoughtful enough to know that his daughter shouldn’t be in the men’s bathroom, but also that his presence in a women’s bathroom may cause some confusion. He didn’t want to expose his daughter to anything she didn't need to see or make anyone else uncomfortable.

Women online told the dad he was doing a great job, and to come on into the women's restroom.

From comments to stitches, many women let the dad know what a fantastic job he was doing as a caring father. They also told him he was welcome to come into the women’s bathroom with his daughter anytime.

Responding directly to his question, TikToker @itsasha4you said, “I would say please come in, and I’ll stand right by the door and tell the other ladies to please wait because we have a girl dad who’s helping his daughters in the bathroom. Nothing wrong with it. Great work.”



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In a longer response, social worker Fungai Mumba offered an additional perspective. “For me, as a woman, I have absolutely no problem with a girl dad having to come into the women’s restroom, especially if there’s no family bathrooms,” she said. “I totally understand. You want to protect your girls as much as possible.”

Mumba offered some advice to the dad on best practices when entering the women’s restroom. “If you are a girl dad, and you are in this situation, knock on the door … and just announce yourself: ‘Hey, girl dad coming in! I’m bringing my daughter in here,’” she advised. “Just something like that so maybe other people are aware, so they’re not startled that they see a man in there.”

Mumba was equally complimentary of this dad’s efforts to take care of his daughter. “Good on you, Dad," she praised. 



This dad is not alone in his concerns.

Another girl dad, Muhammed Nitoto, spoke to Today about his experiences going into the women’s restroom with his daughters. 

“Protecting my children’s privacy is my main priority,” he stated when explaining why he doesn’t like to take his daughters into the men’s bathroom with him.

Girl Dad Asks How Women Feel When He Walks His Daughter Into Women's BathroomPhoto: fizkes / Shutterstock

Nitoto always announces his presence when going into the women’s restroom, as was recommended to the father from TikTok. “I say, ‘Excuse me, I’m a dad, and I have my daughters with me. Do you mind if I bring them in?’” he said. “I know some women have experienced trauma and might be afraid. I try to be as respectful as possible.”

It’s important to remember that these dads are trying to do the best that they can for their children. Really, they’re doing a fantastic job. As long as they’re not bothering anybody, there’s no reason not to let them come into the women’s restroom with their daughters, who they’re doing their best to protect and care for.

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