Falling Slowly: The Science Behind Staying In Love

There's more to love than just sentiment and sexuality.

The Science Of Love: How 'Love Sense' Can Save Your Relationship

If you've ever worried about where you and your partner are heading or whether the love you share will survive the many hurtles thrown your way, you're not alone. Limiting yourself to falling in and out of love without ever allowing yourself the option to stop and really think about everything going on will only harm you in the long run. No matter how sturdy your physical or emotional connection is, there's no question that great relationships take a lot of work. That doesn't mean that the key to staying in love is a mystery; in fact, according to science, it actually makes perfect sense. These love tips from Love Sense will prove just that.


Joined by YourTango Experts Senior VP Melanie Gorman and EFT trainers Elana Katz, Zoya Simakhodskaya, and George Faller, author Dr. Sue Johnson touches on the science behind maintaining a long-term happy and healthy relationship. In Love SenseJohnson stresses the point that love is not just about sacrificing your happiness by forcing yourself to deal with endless arguments for the sake of protecting your precious bond; it goes even deeper than that. There's more to love than just sentiment and sexuality. Understanding the science behind falling in love and staying in love can greatly affect the way you connect with your partner. Johnson goes on to discuss how the use of EFT (emotionally focused therapy), the only approach to couple's therapy that is based on a real and profound understanding of what love is all about, can help bring you guys closer together.


If you want to learn more about how to strengthen your bond with your lover, Love Sense is definitely worth checking out.

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