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5 (Really Good) Reasons You Should Let Your MOM Choose Your Partner

Photo: Gilmore Girls
Gilmore Girls Mom and Daughter

With the recent success and high ratings of shows like FYI's Married At First Sight, we know we are suckers for a good "love at first sight" story. Whether the experts tasked with determining who's best for who have done a good job is still to be determined. 

However, if we had to choose someone to find us our ideal mate, who would that be?

Below are the top 5 reasons why you should consider letting your BFF and you MOM pick your dream date this time around:

1. Your best friend knows what you truly enjoy doing with your time off. 

They know if you love to go to clubs, but really don't drink at all.  They know if you prefer a good book and a cup of hot cocoa to a night out.  They know whether you never miss yoga class, and if Sundays are for church or laying in bed all day.  Your best friend has been jogging with you or binge watching the Twilight movies on Netflix with you.

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2. Mom knows what REALLY makes you angry.

Parents know their kids very well. In many instances we pretend we don't know them as well because we don't want to infringe on their privacy. But we saw how you developed since infancy. We know how painful your relationship might be with the dad that walked out, or even with our own unrealistic expectations.

Moms don't always want to acknowledge their mistakes, but we know where we made them, and how that affected your development. We were very aware of your likes and dislikes since you were born, from foods, to pets, to whether you love camping, or prefer a luxury hotel.  We know the things you might consent to with a BFF just to be nice and cooperative.

Since we won't live with our BFFs for 50 years, we sometimes compromise, and that keeps a great friendship for years. But if you have to do that daily with a spouse, it won't work. Mom knows your pet peeves!

3. Your best friend has seen your ugly side. 

You know that time you had her distract your date, so you could peek at his phone? That's what she knows. Your best friend knows you cheated on your boyfriend for the first few weeks you were dating, and she understood why. She has seen you buy a dress for a special occasion, wear it, and then return it to the store. 

She knows you what you had to do to get into college, and how many men you've really been with since high school.  She’s wiped your tears, or your vomit.  She knows how ugly it can get!

4. Mom knows how to make you feel loved. 

You know how you love a good back rub, or maybe you prefer breakfast in bed? Mom knows these things. She taught you love, and she knows what you preferred. 

Mom knows if you prefer to be the center of attention, or if you’d rather watch things form the side. She knows if warm chocolate chip cookies make you giddy, or if your giddiness is saved for diamonds. 

Parents are very aware of how to make their children feel loved.  They are also aware of whether they spoiled you in some areas (things you might not admit to your BFF). So a mother would know that if a potential husband won’t cater to you in this or that area, it’s going to crumble.

5. They KNOW your taste in men.

They have seen the men you date, and know whether hairiness is a deal breaker, or if muscles are a requirement. They know you can’t stand guys that wear sandals, and know your man must always show up with cologne and clean teeth. They know your taste in clothes and what you prefer a man to wear in public. 

These two people know what attracts you initially to a man, and how that might get you into trouble.

So, in this day and age when it’s all cyber dating, Tinder, and sexting, if you really want to develop a meaningful relationship, recruit your MOM and BFF to find you Mr. Right. Forget about making the profile ... THEY know what's best for you. I’m sure if they work together, you’ll find the love of your life in no time!