5 Sure-Fire Ways To Be Happy After Hitting 40

Just like wine, people get better with age


Success stories are great.

They are the inspirational food that lift us up and encourage us to dream (or reawaken our dreams). And with the techie world we live in it’s no surprise we are seeing young talent flourishing on a daily basis. It’s amazing and a delight to see a new generation making waves.

But what about us; what about the over 40’s and the over 50’s? Are we left feeling like our time has passed? Have we missed out on living the dream? Hell no!


First of all let me introduce you to some of the amazing talent that ‘showed up & out’ in later life, making their dreams come true.

From the fantastic 40’s to the fabulous 50’s:

  • Vera Wang began her career as a designer at 40 (having been a figure skater & journalist!)
  • Samuel Jackson found his mojo magic at age 43 in his first award winning role in ‘Jungle Fever’ (small bit parts up to that moment)
  • Louise Hay found her calling at 46, five years later wrote her first book ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ and seven years on had it published. She now owns one of the world’s leading motivational publishing houses.
  • Julia Child wrote her first cookbook at age 50 and became a celebrity chef (having worked in advertising and media)
  • Col. Sanders was living out of his car in his 50’s then at 62 franchised Kentucky Fried Chicken and 12 years later sold it for approx. $2 million
  • Stephen Covey, educator, author, businessman & speaker, published his first book in 1989, aged 57 ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ and became a monumental leader in the world of personal and business development
  • And please, let’s not forget Harry Bernstein, Author, who got his big writing success at age 96! 

You see, age is not the defining factor in success or making dreams come true; it is having a dream and daring to dream the dream. 


The drive to follow the dream, sharing the dream and living the dream. If you don’t have one or you’re not prepared to talk about it, really put it out there, there’s every chance you will leave this world ‘wishing’ you had, as so many people do.

I urge you not to be someone who lives in regret; live in the now and take control of your future!

Have A Dream:

In your quiet moments with self what do you wish you had done, been, seen? If you had 3 wishes given to you what would you use them for? Having a dream that is yours is the essential starting block. So...

Create Your Bucket List: The places you want to visit, the people you would like to meet, the relationship you're looking for, the business you want to run; anything and everything. Just remember to dream boldly, from the smallest easiest thing to the biggest most audacious one!


Dare To Dream The Dream:

Now you have discovered or reconnected with a dream, dare to dream it. Imagine being, having or doing those things. How do you feel, what does it look like, how has it impacted your life and how will it impact others?

Visualization: Start picturing yourself doing the things you want to do, actually ‘being’ at your specific destination, being with your ideal partner, driving that car, talking with those people.

Follow The Dream:

Fab, so you are picturing that dream, living it in the moment through your minds eye. The next step is to start ‘doing’ some things to help move you towards it. Who would be a good contact to help you? What one small action could you do today to make that first step towards the dream?


Goal-Setting: Time to plan how you are going to make those dreams come true! Focus on 1-3 at a time to avoid overwhelm and create a set of small steps to get you there!

Share The Dream:

Don’t hog the dream! Share it with others. Let the people who are important to you know what you are working towards. Why? Sharing your dream means those who want you to have a joyful, successful and fulfilled life can support you; some with words, some with actions and others with resources.

But they can only do it if you speak about it! And what about those who don’t want to help, who want to tear your dreams apart? Choose to spend less (if any) time with them or simply refuse to mention your dreams to them again. If they can’t hack you wanting to be more, do more and have more, that’s their problem not yours!


Vision Board – Create a vision board or video to capture the dreams and share it with those you are close to or, if you’re feeling really bold, post it on your social media page.

Attract that which you desire by putting your dream out there and believing the universe will connect you to the right resources to make them come true!

Live The Dream:

Put your focus on what you DO want, not what you don’t. Get up each day thankful for all that is right now, knowing in faith that your dream is happening.

Live your life like it’s already here, surrounding yourself with the kind of people you want to spend time with, doing the things that enhance your happiness and are aligned with your dream and taking time to reflect on how far you’ve already come.


Gratitude & Faith – Make time to give thanks. No matter how tough the situation is right now you are here, you have a life and you are capable of making changes to be more, have more & do more. 

Fact is your dreams aren’t over until you say they are – your choice. Take control of your future now!

“All our dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them”- Walt Disney

Live Blissfully,