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10 Ways To Be Utterly Irresistible In Bed

10 Ways To Be Utterly Irresistible In Bed [EXPERT]

Though it may be impossible to feel sexy and desirable all of the time, there's no more important time to feel that way than when you're between the sheets. So, we asked our experts to offer their best advice about how to ensure that every time you hit the hay, you feel your absolute best ... and here's what they had to say!

1. Eat sexy foods. Expensive oysters, truffles and caviar are classic aphrodisiacs. But, did you know that common foods like asparagus, avocado, arugula and basil can affect your neurochemicals to help enhance your mood? There's a reason why hotels serve fresh pineapple, raspberries and strawberries with a bowl of real whipped cream.

Avocado slices sprinkled with pine nuts and a thin chiffonade of basil exude well-being. Also, try fresh apricots, figs and bananas dusted with nutmeg and a few sliced raw almonds to spice up your sex life and keep you from feeling good. Of course, you can also go with classic chocolate. Nancy Lee Bentley

2. Use provocative aromas. Try dabbing real vanilla on your temples or sip some ginseng tea with a splash of almond extract. High zinc foods such as oysters, shrimp and pine nuts enhance the senses, especially taste and smell, and support libido.

Of course, you already know that scented candles, flowers and incense can help set your mood. So, instead of perfume, try droplets of essential oils like lavender, sandalwood, musk or ylang ylang on your pillow. Nancy Lee Bentley

3. Avoid passing gas. When your digestive track's upset, your whole system's off balance. Acidophilus or probiotics from live, cultured foods such as whole, organic yogurt or drinkable kefir, naturally-cultured dill pickles, Greek olives and other condiments like cultured carrots, cabbage and beets or bubbly, kombucha tea can quiet those worries and woes. Nancy Lee Bentley

4. Embrace your je ne sais quois. Just like pheromones, you can't necessarily see it, but its effects are definitely there. So, whatever makes you feel powerful and alluring inside is bound to translate into an indescribably delicious aura outside. Nancy Lee Bentley

5. Take care of every aspect of your body. Good nutrition, hydration and exercise are all important for physical power. Being relaxed, open-hearted and conflict-free reduces stress and cortisol, and opens your mental and emotional fields. Nancy Lee Bentley

6. Try role-playing! The bedroom should not be the bored room. With something as simple as using a foreign accent, you can turn up the heat on your boyfriend to burning degrees of hot sensation. Go slow when role playing; make it a game and let him wonder if this is really happening. Stay in character but be a lady and maintain control. Maya Ezratti

7. Play dress-up. Men love women in costumes. Why do you think Halloween is such a huge hit in this country? Who better to dress up for than your wonderful, delicious boyfriend? Give him a super special treat by showing up in nurse's outfit with high heels, stockings and a garter belt. Maya Ezratti

8. Rock those heels! Anything and everything is beyond sexy and irresistible when you wear high heels! Ladies, get your high heels out and start sauntering. Practice walking around the house naked before your man comes home or before going to his place. Walking around and doing ordinary things while in heels and in the nude will greatly enhance your confidence and get that inner mojo flowing. Maya Ezratti

9. Experiment. Play with some sex toys or try new positions together. Whether you have the cash to spend at an erotic sex toy shop or you are strapped and penniless, there are many ways to enhance your sex life in the bedroom by getting creative and inventive. If you can afford it, go to a sex shop and buy a new vibrator and a sex DVD for you both to watch. If money is a little tight or if you are too shy to try sex toys, buy or download a book about Kama Sutra and test out the various sexual positions with your boyfriend.Maya Ezratti

10. Turn up the music. Have a playlist of slow, sexy, sensual, lovemaking songs. Download the songs onto your iPod, bring it over or turn it in on when he gets to your place. Listen to the playlist while you're getting dressed and, even more importantly, when you're getting undressed. Music helps eroticize the act of lovemaking, and who doesn't want to feel and be more sensual, sexual and erotic while in the bedroom? Maya Ezratti