Yes, There’s A ‘Right Way’ To Clean Your Vagina

Here's the 411.

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Our bodies are amazing! Thousands of processes happen every day without our knowledge. Most things run without a hitch. Until they don’t.

Vaginal health is one of those areas that generally “just happens”. The brilliant body that we have, takes care of it all!

Sometimes, though, our yonis (Sanskrit for vagina) do get a bit unbalanced. Inflammation in the body from a variety of causes can show up as itching and discharge, or even pain.


So what is the “right” way to care for this very precious area of the body? And how do you clean your vagina properly?

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1. Clean with mild soap. 

Mostly our vajayjays are self-cleaning and self-regulating. No real cleansing necessary. The most that is generally needed is external cleansing in the bath or shower. Don’t put soap up into the vaginal area, but cleaning around the perineum can often feel good.


2. Recognize that discharge from the vagina is essential and often benign.  

It’s the way your yoni cleans itself. This discharge can change depending on what’s going on in your cycle. Ovulation will generally bring more discharge. It should be clear and slightly sticky. This is so that sperm can travel with more ease up the vaginal canal to its ultimate destination, your womb and coveted egg. Sometimes though, discharge can happen for other reasons.

3. Less benign discharges indicate the body is doing its best to clear the problem.

But sometimes the body needs a bit of help. Discharges that may need help or intervention in some way include: 

  • A reaction to a new partner’s sperm. (Yes, sperm allergies do exist, but they are uncommon.)
  • Yeast or Candida infection.
  • Vaginosis or bacterial infection

4. Utilize apple cider vinegar. 



For itching and discharge that is white and/or chunky a vinegar douche might be indicated. Yeast infections are pretty common. We have such a high sugar diet, and candida (the medical term for a yeast infection) loves sugar, so most women are prone to this kind of infection at some time in their lives.

If you are looking for alternatives to Diflucan, this can be a great option. Vaginal tissue is generally acidic, and a candida infection can make it more alkaline. Douching, or sitting in a sitz bath of apple cider vinegar can not only help relieve symptoms, but begin to set things right again.

5. Take your omegas.

Healthy fatty acids in the body are important to keep mucosal membranes in top shape. Omega 3s, 6s and especially 7s have beneficial effects for vaginal tissue that may be dry especially due to the shift to menopause

Recognize too, that focusing on one symptom in the body could be a sign or signal that other things are off too. And while these might be simple fixes in the moment, a more comprehensive solution might be in order. You’ll know. Both you and your body are wise. Listen to what your body tells you as well as that voice within.


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Michele Brookhaus, RSHom(NA), CCH is a classical homeopath and the creator of Yoni Bliss, a female lubricant. She believes women deserve to feel sexy, sensual and satisfied. You may contact her or purchase her product at