8 Simple Ways To Be Healthier & Happier By Giving Love To Your Second Chakra

ALL of you should be healthy!

chakra health Photo by GREG KANTRA on Unsplash

First, where is your second chakra (a.k.a. the sacral chakra), and why is it so important to your health? 

The second chakra is the energetic region of the lower belly and inner pelvis. It represents the eternal process of creation and regeneration. Our womb resides there, and in some traditions, it is considered “one’s own abode” or my favorite, “a source.”

I love this! As women, it’s all about the second chakra. It holds creation, babies and fertile ideas. It keeps us grounded.


How can I have second chakra alignment?

There are many factors that can mess with second chakra energy, and one of the big ones is sexual abuse and trauma. Just ask any friend and I’m betting three out of four have experienced some form of trauma, and all of us know someone who has. It’s heartbreaking.


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And it’s something that we can heal from. The first steps include recognizing and acknowledging the trauma. Accept that it doesn’t make us less whole or unlovable. And then move the energy through to free up space so that you can access your passionate, creative self.

Joy, pleasure, enthusiasm, and sensuality are luscious emotions and part of the yummy human experience that is super enjoyable. 

Why would you want to keep the energy flowing through the second chakra?

Because stagnant energy can make us sick. And if not sick, then uncomfortable or hurting in some way. Therefore, it's important to keep in mind. 


The Yoga Journal says: "When the sacral chakra is out of alignment, you may experience chronic low back pain, ovarian cysts, and other reproductive issues, urinary tract infections, impotence, pain during intercourse, complications with the bladder and kidneys, and other pelvic–lower abdominal issues." 

That's a long list of possible misalignments.

We can keep that second chakra aligned and moving. Here’s how it’s done:

1. Do hip-opening yoga exercises.



Specific yoga postures are amazing at opening up those hip flexors as well as keeping that energy flowing through your second chakra. Here are some from Yoga Journal.

2. Be mindful of the color orange.

This is important because it is the color of the second chakra. Meditate and visualize a beautiful orange color in your belly.

3. Wear orange to uplift your spirits.

A beautiful scarf or an orange silk blouse? Can’t get yummier than that!

4. Eat orange things.



Oranges, pumpkin, mangos, peaches, carrots, papayas — all delicious, nutritious, and with a juicy eroticism. 

5. Do acupressure.

Massage your feet and hands. There are so many acupressure points on both your hands and feet so even if you can’t get someone to do it for you, doing it for yourself can be an active act of self-love. Plus, it feels good to do even if for only a few minutes.

6. Dance.

Move your hips. Find music you adore and get those hips circling and gyrating in a way that you feel the energy expanding.

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7. Swim or walk near water. 

I associate water with the second chakra. Emotions are watery too. It's grounding and soothing to connect with the second chakra in this way.

8. Smell.

Sandalwood, ylang ylang, jasmine, and orange are all scents related to the second chakra. Use your sense of smell to focus yourself into alignment with your second chakra.


This is such a luscious list. I am certain you can find something on it that feels good to you. And if it feels good, you'll do it. And in doing so, you'll feel good. A perpetual cycle of pleasure and fun. And wide open, the flow happens.

Michele Brookhaus, RSHom(NA), CCH enjoys connecting to her hips and second chakra by salsa dancing! She created Yoni's Bliss, a homeopathic lubricating gel to help women line up to their juicy second chakra. She can be reached at michele@yonisbliss.com.