All Women Need Laughter And Orgasms (Find A Man Who Gives BOTH)

Women Need Laughter and Orgasms

If I were to distill it down to two things that produce a happy and healthy relationship it would be these: laughter and orgasms. And let me tell you why.

There have been many studies about what laughter does for us, and besides making us more attractive, laughter also improves our blood vessels, respiratory system and immune system. I love that! Laughter also improves our emotional health and reduces stress and anxiety which gives us overall resiliency.

Robert Provine, Phd, studied laughter for many years and wrote the book "Laugher. A Scientific Investigation", and concluded that laughter had less to do with humor and jokes and more to do with relationships between people.

It’s a bonding experience to laugh with one another. It’s rare to find someone laughing with themselves. But where there were two or more in the company, Provine found much laughter, and more laughter than people often perceive.

So give me a man that makes me laugh. I want big belly laughs. Laughs that surprise and delight me. Laughter that will inevitably increase our bond and ease my nervous system.

Secondly, give me a man who delights in my orgasm.

There are many good reasons have more orgasms. When a woman climaxes her brain releases the hormone oxytocin, considered the love hormone. This hormone alleviates stress and pain and promotes bonding. Orgasms also make us look younger, live longer and help us sleep. How great is that?  Climax, release hormones, feel better.

One Taste is an organization that explores women’s orgasms and have developed a practice called OMing, or orgasmic meditation. It’s a goal-less practice that allows both men and women to explore the sensation of having an orgasm in the body. Benefits include more energy, more acceptance of self and other, and a deepening connection with both self and the other.

Give me a man that’s open and curious about my orgasm. Who wants to give, for giving’s sake. And in giving, there is receiving. Give laughter and orgasms, receive a healthy, happy, fun woman who’s most definitely interested in being with you.

Michele Brookhaus, CCH RSHom(NA), is a homeopathic practitioner who has developed a homeopathic lubricating gel called Yoni's Bliss. She believes we all deserve fun, orgasmic lives.