Healing From Trauma With EFT

Healing from Trauma with EFT

A couple of month ago, my life was virtually consumed and disrupted by, what I realized two and a half weeks into it was, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I couldn’t think straight. My mind wasn’t working the way it normally works. I was experiencing a constant feeling of fear, distrust and disturbance. Daily, I fell to exhaustion at night in a “safe” place and would wake the next morning just to experience more of the same. Everything in my life fell to the side and was abandon…except my constant search for safety. I lived like a fugitive for 18 days.

Once I identified the fact that I must be experiencing PTSD, I felt a relief knowing that I actually knew a “cure” for it that I’d discovered many years back. It’s referred to as, EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique. In the past, I’ve used EFT to deactivate the subconscious response to past traumas that I’d experienced as a child.

One time, when sharing my story, a psychologist approached me with that she saw I had experienced “multiple-multiple” traumas as a child growing up. Never really thought about my experiences like that until then; and I know that others have experienced similar – and worse.

I’m sharing this with you today because, once again, EFT proved to deactivate the traumatic response for me to where I actually regained the workings of my mind. The experience, while still a vivid memory, is no longer activating an irrational, involuntary response in my thoughts and actions, and I can think clearly again and have regained my life. Wow! What a nightmare that was.

When I’d realized that I had the EFT Manual in my “tool box,” I was relieved. I pulled it out that night with hope. Then next day, I took the time to read through it and refresh my memory of all the benefits (trauma & phobia relief) and the technique – yes, you can administer it yourself; and it’s free. The following day, I could see that I was procrastinating at getting to it. I finally realized that I had a fear that it wouldn’t work in this situation, and I couldn’t imagine continuing on as I had been. Since I didn’t have much of a mind to work with in letting go of that fear, I just had to muster up the will and walk through it. So I did.

So happy to report that within minutes, I could feel the stress, fear and craze leaving me. I did a few rounds on the overall incident that created this response and then continued with more rounds on different aspects of the event and my fears behind it. Each round takes about a minute.

After I slept on it, the benefits were even more evident. I woke up feeling like Wendy again and ready to put my life back together, after much neglect.

Even though EFT has been around for quite some time (I learned about it in the late 90′s), I felt compelled to share this with anyone who is looking for help in dealing with past or present trauma, PTSD, or phobias that maybe isn’t familiar with the technique. It truly could be the answer to what you’ve been seeking.

EFT’s effectiveness and success has been documented by thousands, maybe even tens of thousands by now, of people suffering from PTSD from war, violence, the experience or witnessing of severe tragedy; it relief of extreme grief and any phobia you can think of. It’s a truly amazing, simple technique of tapping the end points of energy meridians of your body, pulling in participation of both sides of your brain, and resulting in the deactivation of the feelings of anxiety, the fight or flight response, and allows the clarity of your mind to reign.

Below is a download of the manual in case you’d like to find out more and try it for your healing. You can also help someone else through the technique.

To Your Success in Healing ~

EFT Manual

This article was originally published at WendyKay Life Coach. Reprinted with permission from the author.