What Your Facebook Photos Say About Your Relationship

A recent study shows that Facebook photos are linked to relationship satisfaction. Basically, couples who are happy together are more prone to upload photos showing the world just how amazing their relationship is. More and more, Facebook is becoming an accurate representation of our lives, which begs the question-What are your Facebook photos saying about your relationship?

If your profile photo on Facebook is of you and your man kissing, your cover photo is of the two of you holding hands and you have a plethora of digital photo albums documenting your every move as a couple, big and small, it's safe to say that your relationship is probably pretty solid. Of course, there are those who might be put off by such an overwhelming display of online affection, and might wonder if you are over-compensating for something or showing off, but for the most part anyone who looks at your profile will instantly know that you are very much in love. You're happy, and you're expressing that on Facebook-the place where most of us express all of our emotions and daily happenings, good or bad!

If you are in a relationship and you don't have any photos of you and your man on your profile, it doesn't mean your romance is doomed or you are any less in love. It does mean that you do not feel the need to publicly declare your love for your significant other. Perhaps you are a private person, or don't want to annoy your Facebook friends with constant photos of the two of you together. Maybe you don't feel the need to define yourself by your relationship and prefer to keep your Facebook page all about you! Or, maybe there is trouble in paradise and it would feel wrong to post photos depicting a happy couple when you are anything but happy.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter what photos you have on your profile or what other people might think about the state of your relationship. It doesn't matter how much you obsess about when to change your Facebook relationship status as long as you and your guy know the real deal. Facebook is there to use how you see fit, and if that means covering it in photos detailing your bliss, go for it!

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