5 Tips To Survive Football Season As A Couple

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5 Tips To Survive Football Season As A Couple

Every year, in the beginning of September, men across the country start canceling plans on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays for football season. They gather in groups in basements and online, agonizing over their fantasy football draft picks. In lieu of real clothes, they opt to wear football jerseys at every opportunity, and spend their free time in front of the television, gripping remote controls.

They might look up occasionally to grab a snack or a beer, but their attention always goes right back to the game. They yell, jump around and stomp their feet. Are they excited? Angry? It's hard to tell.

Sometimes, in all of their football season excitement, they forget about the women they love. Unless they want her to make lunch, in which case they will speak to her, but only during a commercial break.

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Does this sound familiar to you? If it does, you are not alone. All over the world there are women just like you who, come the fall season, resign themselves to the life of a "football widow." You don't even have to be married to have the title. It applies to any woman who must cope with the temporary death of her relationship during football season.

But don't worry. Here are the five best ways to cope if you have lost your relationship to football season:

1. Look on the bright side.

You will never have to wonder where your man is or what your plans are on the weekends. When he doesn't call you back on Monday night, it's not because he's pulling away. It's because his favorite team is playing their division rivals.

If you are just beginning to date each other, you will be spared the anxiety that comes with hoping he is not going out with another woman on Saturday. He's actually been in his living room since 7 AM and he's not moving from the couch.

2. Don't fight it.

Doing things like hiding the remote, "accidentally" breaking the DVR or purposely scheduling plans for when you know his favorite team is playing will backfire. Not only will he be frustrated that he is missing out, but he will start to resent you.

If watching football is something he loves, you don't need to understand his obsession with the game. However, you do need to accept it.

3. Keep yourself busy.

If watching sports all day is your idea of a personal hell, call some fellow football widows and go out to lunch, go shopping or do whatever makes you feel good. Make plans with your mom, as it's likely she is a football widow too, and let the guys have the house to themselves.

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Do things you enjoy. Being productive will prevent you from feeling left out of all the fun your man is having on game day.

4. Get into the spirit.

While men love lingerie, the site of the woman they love wearing their favorite football team's jersey will definitely turn him on. He won't be ignoring you now. Sit on the couch and cheer along with him or yell profanities. Ask questions about the game and look at it as an opportunity to experience something your guy loves.

Showing effort tells him you are able to take one for the team. He will be sure to reciprocate later when you are in charge of the schedule. You might get bonus points if you make delicious treats and keep his beer glass full.

5. Talk to him.

If you genuinely feel invisible this time of year, sit down with your guy and be honest. Chances are, he has no idea how upset you are.

Most men just get so excited and over-stimulated with all the action. He might just need a reality check. He will be more likely to miss a not so important game and take you out for dinner, if you open up and let him know how much it would mean to you.

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