As I’ve stated before, male sexuality has been incorrectly focused on the shortsighted goal of ejaculation for too long. To imply that male “climax” is the highest expression of male sexual power and virility is one of the most destructive myths in modern sexology. Unlike women, when men ejaculate they lose vital life-force energy. Non-ejaculatory male sex, (seminal retention) is designed to prevent the squandering of life-force energy while providing men the opportunity for ecstatic, multiple, full-body, almost-ejaculation pleasure peaks that the ancient tantric masters considered a man’s highest option in sex. Yes, full-body orgasm(s) without loss of energy, erection, desire, and interest in your partner are possible when men learn to avoid genital release.

However, by now many men may be wondering if they should ever ejaculate, and if they do, when is it appropriate, and how often? While the choice of whether or not to ejaculate is best left to the individual, it’s important to understand the roadmap to energy cultivation. The frequency of ejaculation should be regulated based on a man’s age and his level of health and fitness. Other considerations such as heredity, stress level, and lifestyle also play an important part. The gist of it is that younger and healthier men may safely ejaculate more often than older, health-challenged men.

The challenge for every man is to find his own ideal ejaculation frequency. There is no magic number for everyone. Let common sense prevail. If you have to work particularly hard one week, or if you are under a great deal of stress, you may find it prudent to ejaculate less often, or not at all. If you are relaxing on vacation and you feel strong, it may be no problem for you to climax whenever you feel like it. The best advice anyone can give you is to know yourself. If you ejaculate and you feel sleepy, and it takes you a while to recover your libido, this is a sure sign that you need to provide more time between ejaculations. If on the other hand, you still have plenty of sexual energy after sex than your discharge was obviously timely and appropriate.

Though for most men there is no point in refraining from ejaculation indefinitely, learning to come away from sexual exchanges feeling energetically engorged ----- whether it be from partner sex or self –pleasuring ----- might be the single most important thing a man can do to preserve his health and sexual vitality. My own considerations about the frequency of my ejaculations are influenced by how powerful, sexy, virile and energized I feel after making love without emitting. For me, non-ejaculatory sex provides a joyful sense of well being that lasts for hours, or in some cases, even days at a time. As part of my tantric training, I was taught to think of semen as a vital essence, a precious treasure that must not be wasted. I still think of it as the most powerful source of male energy.

Scientific analysis has shown semen to be a storehouse of nutrients far more valuable than any nutritional supplement that you may presently take. But, even more important are the life-giving and life-sustaining properties that it possesses. I am referring to the copious amounts of life force energy present in semen. I’d say that this is a fairly important consideration since we know that life force energy is what separates the living from the dead.