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“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” -Rumi

About Valerie Greene

Valerie is a unique relationship mentor who helps couples stop fighting and fall in love again. She also helps women inspire their boyfriends or husbands to meet their deepest needs and desires. A highly successful alternative to relationship therapy, Valerie helps couples create a secure emotional CONNECTION; not just problem solving or communication skills. When couples feel like teammates again, win/win solutions are easy to create.  From this connected place, Valerie guides couples in creating an inspiring vision/purpose for their relationship, nurturing love and intimacy, and using relationship as a vehicle for personal and spiritual growth.

Valerie holds numerous certifications in coaching, NLP, and emotional healing modalities. She has lead workshops and retreats, creates educational videos for couples, and has a 12 week program where she guides either one or both partners to reignite their love and experience intimacy and passion again. You can get her free video training and ebooks for couples and women at http://www.coachvaleriegreene.com

Valerie Greene Success Stories

Now we have a much more harmonious, loving atmosphere.


Me and my partner are very different and so our reactions to each other and communication during ‘difficult’ periods was very problematic. At times it got so bad that we didn’t know if we could work it out. Coaching with Valerie has helped us enormously. Valerie has given us practical tools which we can use in various situations, either to diffuse a potentially bad outcome or avoid arguments all together. Using these tools has given us more insight into how each of us work and this has led to a much more harmonious, loving atmosphere where we are working together most of the time instead of being at odds with each other.more

Valerie is very non-judgemental and fair in her approach. She is also very easy to talk to and is a genuinely lovely person who made us feel very comfortable. We would not hesitate to recommend Valerie to anyone we knew who was having problems. Given how much she has helped us and truly transformed our relationship on a day to day basis, we can’t imagine a scenario in which she would not be able to do the same for you.
–RW and KT

Now I feel connected, loved and cherished every day!

Couples in crisis

When I first contacted Valerie, my husband seemed annoyed or angry with me often. I’d get defensive, and we wound up fighting or feeling distant most of the time. I felt undesired, unappreciated, and judged.more

Through the emotional healing tools, I’ve learned how to recognize my needs and give myself compassion that I had been demanding from him.  When I can do that,  I am able to come from a place of compassion for him and his needs.  Then we get to work as a team to find win-win solutions to conflicts instead of being in competition with each other.  Such a better quality of life when I can do that. It takes practice,  but I can already feel so many benefits.  When he’s feeling honored in that way he has so much more to give me and I’m learning to receive it.  I’m also learning to ask for what I want, and give ideas for how I would like it, instead of complaining and focusing on what is wrong. He responds so much better,  and we both feel good when I communicate with him this way.  

I used to think I had to bend and mold myself into whatever shape fit his puzzle. I had no clue what shape I was to begin with.  Now,  as I follow my desire and my pleasure more, I have learned who I am,  my shape. 

Our relationship is now feeling better and better. He’s more affectionate, takes me out on dates, and we enjoy playful intimacy again. I feel more connected, adored, and supported.

Recently he took me on a wonderful date to a delicious restaurant and he flirted and we enjoyed playful intimacy that was connected and fun! And he made breakfast for me and yesterday watched our daughter while I went to movies with a girlfriend; and he made a wonderful dinner I enjoyed when I came home.  I feel right now like a dream that I didn’t even know I had came true of it being like it was in the beginning, like I don’t even need a special Valentine’s day because I feel connected and loved and cherished every day. 


Our relationship is strong and loving again!

Couples in crisis

I was searching for help and when I saw Valerie’s website I immediately knew found the right person.  When I gave her a call I could just feel the presence of kind soul so I decided to give her a try.  In no time at all our rapport grew to the point I was not talking to a professional coach but a wise close friend that I could open up to and share my vulnerabilities with.
My relationship was growing more and more challenging,  and I realized I needed to grow emotionally if I wanted it to succeed. When I Explained my situation to Valerie she quickly began giving me tools to succeed.  Through valuable coaching, exercises and outside reading my capacity to understand my needs and my new partners grow immensely.
I was tremendously insecure in my relationship and my partner, for reasons of her own, needed me to be “a rock” in her life. With Valerie’s coaching I learned the reasons behind my insecurity and ways to deal with them.  I’m happy to say today I am “the Rock” my partner needs and our relationship is strong and loving.
Just the other day I was able to use the skills Valerie taught me and it turned what could have been a very bad situation into a very positive one. We started to have a heated fight and before launching into my insecure and self defensive old patterns I asked for a time out and followed Valerie’s advice.  I stopped to “checkin” with myself to understand what was going on, I was feeling pure anger!  Stepping back and asking myself about the anger I realized the anger was simply my old insecurities coming up again.  When I went back to my partner I explained that I was feeling insecure and why, and explained what I needed to feel good about the situation.  What resulted was a deep loving communication rather than hurtful words, and rather than an event that would have severely damaged our relationship it only grew stronger.
This is not just a job for Valerie but her devotion, and she is a rock star at it.  If you find yourself in a similar situation or need help in a relationship don’t wait, contact Valerie and began growing and learning and creating that relationship of your dreams.
Mike A.

I've finally found love!

Women seeking a relationship

Valerie is so gifted and talented in what she does. With Valerie’s help, I have managed to create the most honest, present, courageous, loving and committed relationship I’ve ever had, and the longest relationship in over 11 years! I’m really grateful to learn these tools and have her support to create a relationship that my partner and I really want, that honors both of our needs and desires!more


Now I feel positive about our future!

Co-habitating couples

When my boyfriend and I first started coaching with Valerie, I was considering ending our relationship. We were fighting often, communication was a struggle and intimacy was very challenging.more

Valerie is deep and insightful and our sessions always provided a safe environment where we could be completely honest with her and each other. She was an incredible listener, very caring and supportive, and provided consistent tools and suggestions on how improve and grow with my partner. We are now more patient with each other and Valerie helped instill in us a more positive way to hear each other without immediate judgment. After working with Valerie, we feel more optimistic and positive about our future together.

-S. P.

We fell back in love after 8 years!

Couples considering divorce

When we first came to see Valerie, we’d been married for 8 years and everything looked ok on the outside, but inside we felt distant, angry, and didn’t even want to be in the same room with each other.more

Valerie met us where we were at with non-judgment and wisdom. Her intuitive and straightforward coaching helped us to re-connect our hearts and souls, work through difficult long standing issues, and feel like a team again. It felt like the ice melted; warm and caring feelings began to flow between us when we learned how to communicate and listen to each other’s deeper feelings the way that Valerie guided us to do.

We fell back in love after 8 years and now our relationship is better than it’s ever been! We still experience challenges but now we have the tools to be loving towards each other as we work through them and we have confidence that we’ll keep growing closer as time goes on.

-Marty and Jessica

I now have a new job and a better marriage

Men dealing with work related stress

Before working with Valerie, I had grown deeply unsatisfied and even depressed about my work situation, feeling it was a dead-end.  I wanted to take steps toward a new career, but I lacked confidence. Years of therapy never really enabled me to begin, and conduct, a full-on career search.more

Working with Valerie, I became active about my career search in a way that I had never done before. She helped me identify my desires and strengths, and motivated me to stay on track searching and applying for jobs, even when my busy life got in the way. But her holistic approach went much deeper. Valerie created a safe space for me to identify the fears and beliefs holding me back, and work through them creatively so they didn’t stop me for long. Valerie’s capacity for empathy and non-judgment is enormous, and allowed me to make peace with the “negative” side of myself rather than ignoring it or trying to dispel it merely through willpower.

With Valerie’s encouragement and support, I stayed in the game and got a new job with better pay, better hours, opportunities for advancement, and a more supportive culture than I’ve ever had before.

In our work I’ve also discovered that there were marital problems which I had never really identified before; now I’m solving them, and communicating better than ever with my wife. I changed my whole way of listening non-defensively. Now I’m able to see and accept other’s point of view, and not take things personally. I’m emotionally connected with my wife, and instead of fighting or avoiding difficult conversations, we feel like we’re on the same team. We’re now dedicated to both of us getting our needs met, even if the solutions aren’t easy.

Valerie integrates many different modalities and teachings from a wide variety of sources. Anyone who works with her is bound to hit upon one or more techniques that feel safe and productive for him/her to work through whatever’s holding them back from achieving success in their career, lifestyle, relationship with themselves and others. I’m starting a new chapter at work and at home, and now I know I have the tools to be successful, wherever I go next.

-Kevin McDonnell

Valerie helped me navigate through a difficult divorce

Men starting over

I met Valerie just before the start of one of the most difficult times in my life, my divorce.  I cannot imagine coping through the pain, anger, stress, and uncertainty of that time without Valerie in my life, coaching me through the hardship.  She was able to teach me how to understand and feel my emotions without letting them overwhelm or consume me.  Most important, she taught me how to express my pain without letting anger take over the message.  I learned how to stay on message so that important negotiations would not slip away into chaos and regression.  I learned how to manage my own emotions and perspective. 

Since then, these communication, emotion management, life perspective skills have transferred over to my professional life, providing amazing results at my success navigating the challenges of working in the large, corporate, highly political world of Investment Banking.  

I would highly recommend Valerie as a life coach for anyone looking to increase their self recognition and focus on life.  The impact of having a life coach is tremendous and I would consider Valerie as one of the best.more

-Tom Winslow

How truly grateful I am for your influence in my life

Men seeking to start over in a relationship

One morning I woke up, looked in the mirror and did not recognize myself. I had been “happily married” for 16 years with wonderful children, but I felt distant from them, like I really did not know them. I felt that I had lost that unique part of me that made me and gave me confidence and connected me with others.more

At 38 I had accomplished many of my career goals. I had successfully founded my own company, establishing myself as a well-known professional in my area of expertise, yet with all this focus on business I had become unbalanced. I felt like I had gained much success in business and among my peers, but I found that this success didn’t really mean much to me without my wife and children by my side.

I searched for help but was not able to find anyone that was able to reach me where I was…at least not till I met Valerie. I felt that she was able to hear me, accept me for where and who I was, and provide intuitive, straightforward, no nonsense counsel and feedback. When you work with Valerie, she’s able to accurately and quickly pinpoint the real issues, and make for a really productive and meaningful coaching session. What I’m able to accomplish on my own is to muddle through the challenges I’m facing. Each time I’ve met with her it’s propelled me 3-6 months of what I’d do on my own. The clarity that she’s been able to bring up in a single session would take me months on my own. So meeting with her for 6 months is like 10 years of working on my own.

Valerie’s skillful coaching has caused me to stand taller; see clearer; listen more intently, process my emotions, feel more wholly/holy, and has helped provide the courage that I needed for me to be me…How truly grateful I am for your influence in my life!

Now my relationship with my wife and family is better than it ever was, and I feel content and connected with them. I look in the mirror and feel good about myself again. And because of Valerie’s holistic approach, I’m now a more productive business manager, and work more effectively with my clientele. The reality is, I’ve never had so many people tell me that they want to work with me; call and say “We just want you to do this project;” meet with me and say, “Wow what a dynamic, amazing individual; I want to work with him.” And so coaching has had a tremendous financial impact on me, as well as my confidence, ability, and satisfaction with who I am.

-Joseph Martine

I am now in a committed relationship after a decade of being single

Women newly dating

I was tired of relationships that went nowhere, and I was finding the whole online dating experience very frustrating.

Valerie helped me to get the clarity for exactly what I wanted in a man and a relationship, and identify where to meet better quality men. She taught me techniques to build my confidence and flirt with men I was attracted to. I used to think flirting was superficial but Valerie taught me how to create a real connection with each man - before ultimately screening them, so that I could filter out potential dates that weren’t compatible partners. This led to me not wasting as much time going on dates with the wrong men.

I recommend everyone to work with Valerie if you want to make better dating choices and feel empowered. I am now in a committed relationship after nearly a decade of being single. 


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