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If you have to drag him down the aisle, he is not husband material.

About Tina Tobin

Hi. I’m Tina Tobin of LuvemOrLeavem.com. Over the past few years the women that I coach have nicknamed me the “The ‘Will he marry me?’ Lady” because this is the question that I am most often asked. It’s not that I can see into the future, but based on the details of your relationship I can help you understand whether your long term relationship is likely to result in marriage or not.

I receive hundreds of stories from women who are in long term relationships that have not resulted in marriage. I sympathize with all of these women, but the value that I add to their decision making process lies in the cold, hard world of numbers. I started looking at trends across the stories that I received so that I could identify characteristics that are common among long term relationships that don’t end in marriage.

It is very difficult to get beyond the details when you are in a relationship, so writing about common trends that I saw as an objective onlooker struck a chord with many women. So many women tell me “You just described my boyfriend” when they read the common excuses that men give for not marrying that I’ve collected or the top signs that he doesn’t plan to marry you that I’ve also put together based on the stories I’ve received.

If you find yourself wondering whether or not your long term relationship is destined for marriage, then explore our community on LuvemOrLeavem.com. You are welcome to join our discussions, explore our will he marry me? articles or post your own relationship questions and get free advice from our online community and featured experts.

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