Is His Ex A Threat To Your Relationship?

Dealing with a guy’s ex girlfriend or ex wife can be an enormous challenge for the current women in his life. Most often, an ex affects your relationship because she is still active in your man’s life.  This may be the because they have remained friends or perhaps they have children that bind them together. Of course there are situations where his ex may still have an effect on your relationshp even if they have no contact.  In fact, some women find that dealing with the memory of an ex can be every bit as difficult as dealing with the actual person. Based on the stories from our relationship forum, these are the top signs that his ex is likely to pose a problem for your relationship.

He and His Ex Are Best Friends

Some couples can’t maintain a romantic relationship, but they enjoy spending time with each other and continue a friendship after they break up. If you are uncomfortable with the amount of time that your man spends with his ex, or you feel that their “friendly” outings almost cross over into the category of date, then their relationship is certainly a problem for your relationship. Another indicator that his friendship with his ex poses a problem is if the three of you go out together and you feel like the odd person out rather than part of the couple instead of his ex being the extra person in this outing.

Continually Raves About His Ex or is Very Sentimental About Her

If your guy cannot stop talking about how wonderful his ex is, then he is simply not over her yet and you are wasting your time. The same is true if he speaks about her in very sentimental terms. If every song playing on the radio or every item on a menu causes him to reminisce about how his ex felt about these things, then he needs more time to get over his ex before he can devote himself to a new relationship.

Constantly Bashes His Ex

Just because he doesn’t have nice things to say about his ex doesn’t mean that he is over her. Many women dismiss a man who constantly says nasty things about his ex because they feel that a man who speaks ill of his ex is not likely to reunite with her. Of course, that doesn’t excuse the fact that he is spending time talking about another woman while he is out with you. A man who is holding onto so much anger that he needs to constantly bash his ex is not the kind of man that is ready to give his heart over to a new relationship.

He Says His Ex is “Crazy”

Many women feel sorry for a guy that seems to have a crazy ex who still calls or even visits him.  They feel sorry for him having to deal with this woman who just can’t seem to let go of him and move on. Although there are some exes that are off balance and act crazy despite a clear message that the relationship is over, the majority of crazy ex stories that we have received are not nearly so simple once we dig beneath the surface.

It is not at all uncommon for a woman to discover that the crazy ex that visits her man “out of the blue” actually received a call from that man “just to see how she was doing.” It is very common to discover that a “crazy ex” is really a broken hearted woman who is being strung along by a guy who gives her false hope by continuing to stay in touch with her. This isn’t to say that his ex isn’t crazy and that he honestly has nothing to do with her behavior, but this is fair warning that you need to make sure that nothing is going on behind the scenes that has him toying with his ex’s emotions.

So there are the top signs that his ex is not truly a thing of the past. No matter how tempting it is to throw all the blame on his ex if you don’t like how he deals with her, don’t let yourself fall into that trap. Whether or not his ex poses a problem to the success of your relationship or whether she is a mere annoyance lies on his shoulders, not on the shoulders of his ex.