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Woodland Hills CA 91367 - United States



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Author, Mediator, Relationship Coach, Sex Therapist

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"There can be no intimacy in any intimate relationship unless there's a mutual sense of equality".

About Bruce Derman

I was 20 years old and falling asleep in my accounting class from total boredom, and I came to realize that this was not my career path. I was not sure what my path was until I asked myself the question. “What do I love?” Instantly, the answer was being a psychologist, and the passion of that love has carried me through my 42 years as a licensed clinical psychotherapist. After all this time, I still get paid for what I love to do.

I am an extremely, direct, engaging, frank therapist and I have extensive flexibility in dealing with a variety of clients. My clients learn to get off the emotional roller coaster and become more accepting of themselves. As a result they are able to walk through life rather than run from their fears, enabling them to have more energy available to achieve their life goals and dreams. Also they learn to be in intimate relationships as an equal, free and expressive partner, no longer caught up in negative beliefs, old stories, and avoidance of their true self.

My single clients learn to date with a whole different attitude based on respect, trust, and honesty. They learn to appreciate whatever dating plan reflects their current life stance, and what is needed to change that plan.
My married clients learn to create a relationship built around a WE rather than competitive “I’s” in which real agreements of participation and intimacy are formed on every level.

My divorcing clients learn to end their relationships with dignity so that the family continues in a different form and is not destroyed for the children. As part of this process they learn to sort out the tasks of divorce from various emotional agendas so that they can achieve a real divorce as distinguished from one in name only.

I specialize in couples therapy including high conflict, sexual disorders, eating disorders, divorce mediation and divorce coaching, and helping people in all stages of relationships.

I have written three books entitled, We Could've Had a Great Date If It Weren't For You, We'd Have a Great Relationship If It Weren't For You, The Hole.

I work best with people who are serious in dealing with the challenges of their core issues and I am very committed to that process.

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