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About Scott & Bethany Palmer

As financial experts for over two decades, it was painful to see people fight about money. But we quickly discovered money “issues” are not about dollars and cents. Couples struggle to communicate about and agree on money which creates tension, fights, and even divorce. In fact, "money" is cited as the #1 cause of divorce in the U.S. today. 

Their struggles broke our hearts and propelled us into a decade of research and work with a Stanford scientist where we cracked the code to stop divorces and create healthy, wealthy relationships.

We all approach money differently. We call those your Money Personalities (you have two). Our scientific, confidential assessment identifies your Primary and Secondary Money Personalities - for FREE. Our 5 Money Personalities, are an insanely insightful way to understand how you and your partner view money. Then you can stop the disagreements before they start.

We are The Money Couple, Scott & Bethany Palmer, most importantly wife, husband, and parents to our two sons. We love to speak, write, and coach couples toward a healthier, wealthier life. 

Check out our book, The 5 Money Personalities™: Speaking the Same Love and Money Language and take our free, online, confidential Money Personality Assessment

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