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We offer resources that encourage couples to develop their spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and sexual intimacy as God designed it.

About Jim & Carrie Gordon

We have been very happily married for 30 years and have, in the last 5 years, focused time on helping couples ignite the marriage of their dreams

A few facts about us:

  • married for 30 years
  • parents of 9 children, ages 13 to 29 (7 boys, 2 girls!)
  • 3 children are married (we have 3 grandchildren!)
  • serve as Senior Pastors of a growing church in Ontario, Canada
  • speakers at conferences and seminars
  • authored 6 e-books:

The 7-Day Sex Challenge

Intimacy 101: A Primer

6 Keys to a Love that Lasts

Real Questions, Honest Answers: Vol. 1

Real Questions, Honest Answers: Vol. 2

99 Questions Before Saying "I Do"

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Jim & Carrie Gordon Success Stories

Questions are Answered... Thank you, Jim and Carrie



"Your website is amazing! I've been feeling troubled about personal barriers I've been experiencing in relation to sexual intimacy in my marriage. I believe God led me to this website. So many questions answered. Thank you for following the promptings of the Spirit to fulfill this unique calling."



"Jim and Carrie, thank you for your site. Some of the information I have read about and applied it to my relationship with my wife. Success! The thing about intimacy and it being like an iceberg, I started to relate to my wife in this way and it really does work. I also applied the full body massage technique of not having to have sex after the massage and it works for her and me. I feel good just giving her one and not having to have sex all the time when I touch her and she is more comfortable now knowing that. Once again, thank you and continue the outstanding work the two of you are doing."

Your site is educational and inspirational!



"It (this website) inspires you to hang on in your relationship and not give up. God put you and your mate together for a reason."



"I just want to say that in search for help to strengthen my marriage, I found this website. I've learned so much just reading these topics over the past 30 minutes and I'm excited to share this information with my husband. We didn't do the pre-marriage counseling and we got married at the court house so there's definitely a lot that we have to learn. I think this website is awesome and I will refer others here also. Thanks again for sharing the knowledge."


-K & D

"We would just like to congratulate you on the job that you're doing for a lot of marriages. Why it took us some time to read your blog is beyond us. We're in a long distance relationship ourselves and sometime in the future we plan to make our relationship permanent. Your blog will certainly be one of our guides."





Intimate Couple website: a resource professionals trust


-Dr. T. Sellick, www.aprivateaffairgame.commore

"Your site reminds me of Solomon's proverb that "an honest answer, is like a kiss on the lips!" The candid, clear and encouraging counsel you provide is just that; a thing (like a "kiss on the lips!") that encourages delight, healing, restoration and better adventure. Well done folks!"


-Pastor T

"I absolutely love your website. I was on the phone with one of my church members who after 33 years, was tempted to get divorced from her husband. I have been a Pastor for 17 years but sometimes you just don't have the words that will resonate with people. I found your site and was able to find something that instantly helped me guide her in this difficult situation. God Bless You and your wonderful ministry!!! He has used you to help me save this marriage. Thank you!!!"


-Dr. J

"I appreciate what you all are doing for the Kingdom of God, and I will be sending couples to your site for pre and post marriage counseling materials. What a labor of love!"

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