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7 Fool-Proof Ways To Prevent Your Man From Cheating

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7 Fool-Proof Ways To Prevent Your Man From Cheating

Mrs. Clinton, Mrs. Woods and Mrs. Schwarzenegger are stunning women — and their husbands have cheated on them. What chance do we normal women have? What possesses the men to cheat? Their mistresses are usually less attractive and definitely inferior in status compared to their wives.

If you are wary about your partner cheating on you, it's important to take preventative measures. Following the usual relationship advice just won't cut it, so here are seven powerful ways to prevent cheating in your relationship.

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1. Select wisely.

Some men are just serial cheaters and you can do nothing to stop them. However, you will be able to identify them quite easily.

Serial cheaters crave attention and will flirt with anyone around, whether it is a waitress, boss or their neighbor. They usually have a lot of female "friends" around. They might confide that the reason they broke up with an ex-girlfriend was her "trust issues."

If you see one or more red flags, stay away. It is not worth it, there is a very slim possibility that you can "fix" him.

2. Remember, cheating is almost never about sex.

Most men cheat because they need validation of their manhood. They want to feel big and strong and want an ego boost. Anthony Weiner's affair began with a woman complimenting him on Facebook, saying that one of his speeches was "hottttt."

Do not wait for other girls to compliment him. Make sure he feels validated and appreciated in your relationship. By doing this, he does not have to seek validation externally.

3. Be his best friend.

The more connections you have, the less likely he is to treat you lightly. If you are his best friend, you share everything, you have hobbies together, you know everything that is happening at his work and he knows everything about your life.

If he cheats, he has more to lose by hurting you. Therefore, he is less likely to venture out.

4. Educate him.

Sometimes, it is important to identify boundaries. If you treat boundaries seriously, and if fidelity and loyalty are very important for you to feel secure in the relationship, tell him.

Tell him, "I love and respect you, but if you even think of cheating on me, this love and respect can be lost and I can't help it because loyalty is important to me."

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5. Grow and change.

Grow together and separately. Grow as a person and do not melt in your relationship. Look for new hobbies, books, movies and projects that expand your horizons and challenge your comfort zone.

People who have a thirst for knowledge and fun are great to be around. Surprise him and yourself by changing. Try new hairstyles, looks, designs and makeup techniques. Go for a date in a different restaurant or try a new holiday destination. For more dramatic change, change your career if it does not satisfy you, or move together to a new place. 

6. Encourage, empower and inspire him.

If he feels great in the relationship, then he should not look around for other women. If he is ecstatic with the amazing woman he has, he will be afraid to risk this special connection.

You can encourage and inspire if you focus on the positive in your relationship. Instead of being afraid to lose him, you can focus on how amazing he is in looking after you and washing your car. Remember, things we focus on expand.

7. Love and cherish yourself.

At the end of the day, the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. If you love and support yourself, you are not afraid to lose love because you always have it. If you love yourself, then you are confident that even if he cheats on you, you will be able to find a better man who deserves you.

So, become his best friend and admirer. Become his inspiration. Become the person who supports him in everything. Give him so much love and appreciation that no mistress can compete. But, more importantly, don't forget about yourself.

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