Why Cheating Should Never Be Considered Normal

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To all cheaters and/or those thinking of cheating,

I have never, nor will I ever, cheat.

But for you girls and guys who openly admit to sleeping with, kissing, or doing any other things with other people while you are in a relationship, this is a letter to you.

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If you claim to be in a relationship with someone you supposedly love or have such a good connection with, then why are you hitting up someone else on the side?

If you want to try new things or meet new people or don’t even trust yourself when you are intoxicated, then why are you in a relationship?

Where is the respect for your partner, for their feelings, for the time they have spent on you?

I have seen so many girls and guys devastated upon finding out their partner had cheated on them.

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Where is the loyalty?

Our generation has become so blind with how relationships should be.

Cheating doesn’t always mean physical disloyalties; there is such a thing as emotional cheating.

Hiding messages that you send, deleting pictures or texts from your phone, and sneakily keeping your partner blind from technological excursions is also considered cheating.

I understand if you’re in a relationship or a long-distance relationship and the spark starts to fade or there’s a disconnection between you two, you start to wonder about other people or think, “Maybe if I try something with someone else it’ll help me figure out what I want.”

No. Don’t be that kind of person.

End it or go on a break and figure your stuff out; do not jeopardize someone else’s feelings because you can’t decide on your own.

Cheating changes people.

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Once you’re cheated on or lose that sense of trust in your partner, there is no way to fully gain that back.

A lot of girls and guys develop major trust issues because they were once cheated on, and that screws them for future relationships.

Why do that to someone? Because you were bored or simply couldn’t help yourself?

I have no respect for you.

I truly believe in the saying "Once a cheater, always a cheater." I have seen it firsthand with friends and I don’t understand how you can willingly break the heart of your significant other.

If you cannot control your actions or you have interest in other people while you’re currently in a relationship, don’t be in one.

It is as simple as that.

Sincerely yours.

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