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About Teresa Gryder

I am a naturopathic physician who treats adults with depression and anxiety, sleep problems, and a wide range of other concerns.  I use botanical medicine, diet and lifestyle, supplements and hormones, light therapy, yoga poses and breathwork to help people take back their lives.  The goal in my practice is to find and address the causes of dysfunction, instead of to medicate the symptoms.  If you are hoping to get off of your medication or drugs of habit, I will help you rebuild your health to form a basis for discontinuing unhealthy practices.  You are not alone.

I'm originally from Tennessee.  I completed my undergraduate degree in Holistic Health and Philosophy at UTK.  I worked for many years as a river guide for the Nantahala Outdoor Center and other companies around the southeast.  I taught whitewater kayak and canoe, trained new raft guides and safety boaters, and lead many paddle-rafting trips.  It was on the river that I discovered that I enjoyed helping people through crises and challenge.

In 2000 I relocated to Flagstaff, Arizona.  My work was to help folks arrange expeditions down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.  For my personal health I sought the assistance of a naturopath there and was accurately diagnosed and successfully treated for the first time in my life.  I had been to many conventional doctors, but the treatments had been harmful, and the original cause of my problem was never even noticed, much less addressed.

I never looked back.  I had always known (since my undergrad studying Holistic Health) that I wanted to offer a real alternative to the conventional medical standard of care.  Because of my education and upbringing, I have always been a science-minded skeptic.  I knew that many alternative practitioners use diagnostic methods and treatments that made no sense to a reasonable person.  I was determined to learn what science could teach me about the body and mind, and what we can do to influence them, aside from pharmacology which is always for-profit.

In 2007 I relocated to Portland, Oregon to seek a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine, and completed my degree and clinicals in 2012.  I had originally intended to move back to the southeast and bring my evidence-based alternative practice to the people there who greatly need it.  Instead I met a dear one here in Portland, and have stayed.

I send my thanks out to everyone who has helped me along the way.  I am available to consult with people anywhere in the world, if we can find a way to communicate.  For those who can visit my office in Portland I offer a broader range of in-person services.  I am eager to serve, and will continue to be a student of life and medicine for as long as I live.



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