Happiness Is A Clean Home — Start With Your Closet

Turn the old into new.


Any time of the year is a good time to clean and organize your closet, but it seems like spring cleaning is the best benchmark for a yearly cleaning update.

Your closet and your wardrobe can always use a cleaning and purge, choosing spring cleaning is a great way to keep on an annual schedule. This way, your closet mess won’t get too out of hand.

We're going to cover some great ideas for organizing your closet and evaluating what to give away and what you can repurpose.


Tips For Organizing Your Closet

Closet Makeover Photo Credit: Pinterest

Organizing your closet is the best way to keep everything in it in order all year long. Spending some time and effort once a year to unclutter and organize will have lasting effects the rest of the year. If you don’t already have a system for your closet, then a closet makeover is in order.


As you can see from the picture above, a closet makeover can help you find room when you didn’t think you had it and give everything its own place.

Closet organizers are the best way to keep your closet orderly and make it easy for you to find everything. When everything has its own place, it's much easier to follow your intentions when you are busy all year or rushing around trying things on while you decide what to wear before going out.

This also helps you develop a system to wear everything in your closet and easily see what you don’t wear so that it doesn’t have to take up room.

This also helps you make room for new and trendy clothes, like something new for spring from Neverland Store.


Rules For Giving Something Away

When you've an organized closet, you can develop a system so that you rotate what you wear. This helps you realize those pieces that you really never wear.

You develop your own “rule” for identifying something you really don’t wear by keeping track of how often you wear everything else, but don’t rotate certain items around.

If you wear everything in season in your closet five or six times but don’t wear something, even though it is in season, then it is time to consider either giving that away or repurposing it.

How To Repurpose Something Old And Make It New And Trendy

Just because you aren’t using an article of clothing doesn’t mean you have to give it away. You might be able to repurpose it and get use out of it in its new form. Here are some ideas for making something completely new and fun from something old and boring.


Long Sleeve Shirt to Blouse

Have a plain old shirt you just don’t like anymore? Turn it into a cute halter blouse.

What’s better for spring than turning an old long sleeve winter shirt into a halter for spring and summer? Follow the directions for the simple conversion here.

T-Shirt To Halter


T-shirts can be too casual, too frumpy, or just plain boring. Turn any old T-shirt into a halter. Also, it's perfect for the warmer weather. Find the easy instructions here.

Dress To Kimono

If you have an old dress that you don’t wear anymore, why not convert it into a cute kimono like this one? It’s easy to do, the instructions are here.


A kimono is more versatile, and you will likely get more use out of it wearing it like a jacket or coat.

Women’s Skirt To Girl’s Dress


If you aren’t using an old skirt, instead of giving it away, you can repurpose it into a cute dress for your daughter. It's a novel idea and sewing instructions are here.

T-Shirt Into T-Shirt Shrug


Turn an old T-shirt into this shrug and it will transform a lot of outfits in your wardrobe. It is a super cute way to enhance any outfit.

See the instructions for transforming your shirt into a shrug here.

Cleaning out and decluttering your closet as part of your spring cleaning will help keep your closet and your wardrobe organized and your fashion fresh.

Come up with a plan to give away old things you don’t wear, or take on a project to transform something old into something new, trendy and fun. Also, consider organizing your closet and developing a system for identifying clothes that you don’t wear.