8 Sexpert-Approved Turn-Ons All Couples Should Try

turn-ons all couples should try

Looking to take your sex life to the next level? If you're like most other committed couples, you love each other to pieces  but between long hours at the office, the dropping the kids off at school, you just want to curl up in bed at the end of the day — and sleep is the only thing on your mind.

So how do you keep the passion churning? How do you build the tension slowly and steadily so that — when you do climb into bed — it will be all you can do to keep your hands off each other? Here are 8 of the hottest turn-ons that any couple should try (at least once  if not twice or three times). Try any one of them and you're guaranteed to have the wildest, hottest, toe-curling sex you and your man could ever imagine.

Massage His Prostate

Straight men enjoy anal play, too. Your guy may have already tried massaging his own prostate during masturbation ... so why not to do it for him? To do a manual massage, lubricate your fingers and his anus. While he breathes and pushes out, insert a finger 2-3 inches. Curve your finger toward his belly button until you feel a ridge, much like the ridge on the edge of a walnut and stroke. If you'd rather not use your fingers, you can buy a prostate massager (they look like short vibrators). Give it to him as a gift and suggest he try it on his own first, then show you what he'd like you to do. It's a sexy, unexpected treat for your guy. Dr. Stephanie Buehler

Pick Each Other Up At A Local Bar

My husband and I have been together since high school, so neither of us got to experience the thrill of meeting and flirting with strangers in a bar. So we invented this little game where we flirt with strangers to see who gets hit on first. We go to separate corners of the bar and hang out, chatting with strangers. The first person to get hit on wins. My husband knows I like to flirt, so he'll come up and act like he doesn't know me and start feeding me pickup lines. Admittedly, this game requires a lot of trust and confidence, but by the time we're ready to go home, we usually don't even make it out of the parking lot (one of the secret perks to owning a minivan). Tara Kennedy-Kline

Blindfold Each Other

Heightened sensitivity of physical sensation adds excitement and electricity when you have to anticipate and imagine a touch you cannot see. Nothing will matter but what you feel. If he's usually the dominant one in bed, blindfold him first. It's an enticing way to tip the balance. Undress him as part of the build-up to a slow burning climax. Props like feathers, rose petals or oils can be introduced to stroke the skin. Keep in mind that this is about building passion through the sensation of touch and love in a safe environment and not about creating fear. As always, make sure you've set the rules of the game with your partner before plunging into the dark. Jen Duchene

Tell Him "No"

If things have gotten stale, you can trick his mind into craving you by pretending that sex is off limits. Tell your partner that you are not going to let him have sex with you until a certain day and time. Then tease him. Lift your shirt and hike your skirt. Shake your booty. Pout your lips. Show him what he isn't getting. Build up the tension by denying him of what he wants most—you! Dr. Stephanie Buehler

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