Why Kristen Stewart Would Cheat On Robert Pattinson

5 reasons why women cheat on their significant others.

Why Kristen Stewart Would Cheat On Robert Pattinson [EXPERT]

If you are a fan of the Twilight series, you've definitely already heard about it; it's even old news by now.  But, you are probably still surprised that Kristen Stewart cheated on her boyfriend, Robert Pattinson.

You are probably shocked this happened because Pattinson is such a great catch, right? He's handsome, talented and a heartthrob for millions of young women who watched his vampire skin sparkle and his full, pale lips kiss as they captured Bella's heart, both on-screen and off. But who knows what was happening in the privacy of their own relationship?


Why exactly do women cheat ... especially when they have a supposedly great guy at home? Maybe things weren't always so sparkly in the bedroom. Maybe Robert didn't make Kristen feel like she was the only living thing in the world that he wanted. Maybe director Rupert Sanders did make her feel that way. Why Kristen Stewart Cheated On Robert Pattinson

Here are five reasons why women choose to cheat.

1. It makes them feel wanted. Women cheat for a lot of reasons, not the least is that they like the way it feels. If Rupert Sanders made Kristen feel like she was special, amazing and adored, that attention might have been hard to ignore, no matter who her lover was at home.


2. The relationship at home is cooling off. If the loving feelings at home are starting to drift, or if there is tension in the relationship, the opportunity to find some excitement on the side is sometimes a temptation too great to avoid.

3. They've make a mistake. When Us Weekly published photos of Kristen Stewart in a passionate kiss with Sanders — Kristen, to her credit, immediately released a public apology to Robert Pattinson and said she felt awful about hurting him. This may have been a marketing ploy suggested by the movie industry moguls to mop up any damage to their PR, but at 22 years old, it seems like a mature gesture on her part. (Remember when you were 22? Were you monogamous? And were you so publicly apologetic if you weren't?) How To Know If Your Relationship Can Go Back To Normal After Cheating

4. They are afraid. Stewart's director is older, more mature and in a position of authority over her on the set. Some women are turned on by that, and find it hard to resist when a powerful man comes on to them. And some women are fearful that if they resist a man with power, they will suffer the consequences in their career.

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If Stewart's director took advantage of that fear and played on that dynamic, who is Stewart in all of her 22 years to resist those advances? Doesn't this reflect a familiar dynamic? We've all seen this before — over a century of movie industry actresses being seduced by their directors. So, why are we blaming Kristen for what may have been a play by Sanders? 2 Things You Must Do NOW To Truly Overcome Your Partner's Affair

5. Cheating is doable. Stewart and Pattinson, while partnered, aren't married and don't have children. So, why did a recent blogger say about Kristen, "You let down millions of young women who admired you." Really? Stewart is a successful Hollywood actress, a grown woman in a relationship with a grown man, in a workplace surrounded by other grown men, shooting a very grown-up film.

Granted, it was about Snow White, so maybe young girls expected more from her since she really is representing an idealized version of a young cartoon girl. But apparently in this version, Snow White has been woken up ... not by the Prince, but by her director.


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