How My Husband Makes Me Say Yes To Sex Every Time

3 must know tips to connect you with your woman so that she says YES!


I say yes every time my husband asks for sex. Yep: Every. Time. Okay, sometimes I say, "how about a quickie?" or " I'm wiped out - how about we set the alarm 1/2 hour early tomorrow." But he still knows he'll get what he wants. And that I like giving it to him. Here are three things he does consistently to make me want him.

1. He touches me when he doesn't want sex

And he touches me in ways I like. For example, I do so much computer work that shoulders and arms end up in pterodactyl like poses. He massages me 4-7 days a week. Your lady may not need massages like I do, find out what she likes. My husband also holds my hand, hugs me, kisses me, grabs my rear and takes heavy stuff out of my hands. I'm happy just thinking about that. And I just learned from Dr. John Gray that this kind of touching builds up oxytocin in my system which makes me want - wait for it - sex and closeness. 


2. He tells me all the time that he adores me and wants me 

And then he walks away. Yes, he walks away. That makes his compliments about me and how much he likes me versus about him wanting sex right then. I don't feel used. There is erotic build up in my mind so when we get around to it I'm ready, willing and able. Also, he shows me that he adores me by looking at me with love, treating me kindly and being helpful. He shows me he wants me by grabbing my various body parts and making inappropriate comments. I love that part, it makes me insatiable for him. Researcher Meredith Chivers from Queens University agrees, saying that women may be the more sexual of our species.


3. He loves giving me pleasure

 And he takes direction. He decided that he would take my sexual direction as a compliment - because I trust that he wants me to feel good. Of course, I always ask politely when I can find words. He also really enjoys seeing me in ecstasy. I think it makes him feel powerful. It gives me love goggles: with all the dopamine in my system I lose my mind then start planning the next time I can get it from him.

I do a lot to keep our sex life interesting - but these three things are a big chunk of what keep it active. Try implementing one. If you're really brave - go for all three. Rock her world and she'll want to roll yours.