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Newberg OR 97132 - United States



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Consultant, Counselor/Therapist, Energy Healer, Holistic Healer, Intuitive Healer, Marriage and Family Therapist, Marriage Educator, Marriage/Couples Counselor, Personal Development Coach, Relationship Coach, Sex Coach, Sex Educator, Spiritual Coach, Spiritual Healer

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You can recover from complex trauma, CPTSD, and live a full life. A life where you value and nurture yourself and have confidence in your decisions. A life where you're satisfied and able to have close relationships. I healed from CPTSD, and so can you.

About Tabatha Bird Weaver

 I help women and couples free themselves to  create a life you really want.  

Ready to go from confused to confident? Overwhelmed to overjoyed? If you free yourself...your life will naturally follow.

As a systems thinker and therapist I always look at context and mechanisms - that's why no matter what relationships come up in my work. Think about it, we are related to parents, family, spouses, children, friends, co-workers - even frenemies. Most importantly, I have found getting your relationship straight with you is the key.
There are 4 basic elements, or building blocks, to happy lives. These elements interact to provide texture and flavor relationships. Using information and skills in each of the elemental areas to shape the connection you want is alchemy. When we put love an growth into our relationship they become something new - and better. Like changing lead to gold.
We have achieved a golden relationship - and we’re still working to get to platinum! The elemental areas that we focus on are:

  1. Self awareness - when you know yourself and you needs you can ask your relationships to give to you in a way that feels great.
  2. Communication - when you can clearly and lovingly communicate with others that matter to you the whole world gets easier because you are a team - on the same page.
  3. Connection - when you can stay connected to yourself you are able to connect with your important people, even while stressed, the bond deepens.
  4. Expansion: -when you are engaged with the world and doing your own activities you are better able to hang on to yourself in your relationships. And you're more interesting and fun to be around! 

Just by changing your focus, you can chnage your life.

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