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Family Coach, Leadership Coach, Life Coach, Marriage and Family Therapist, Relationship Coach

About Susie Kamen

You were born perfect, whole, and complete. However, various life experiences and challenges often create situations that decrease that memory of who you truly are and dim your brilliance. I was fortunate to have the type of childhood that provided enough baggage that  would require me to pay extra at any airline counter. Although I did not always appreciate my luggage, once I began to unpack it, the Growth Gifts inside  became the foundation for my life long journey to Grow, learn, and serve. 


I am  passionate about my own Growth, and  believe that personal growth, introspection, and connection are fostered best in a safe and non judgemental environment. Unfortunately we are not taught to care for our mental health individually or in relationships without stigma or shame. I am dedicated to providing safety and the non judgmental space necessary for your  sacred journey - in which you can safely explore issues, learn new essential communication skills, and create the life and the relationships you are seeking. I am relentless at exploring strategies and solutions for the outcomes you desire as I know that therapy should not be one size fits all!

Together we can change your story, unleash your soul, teach you how to create connection in your relationships, and produce empowering and positive choices that are in alignment with the life you deserve and desire.You can move from survival to creation, and we can create a life filled with joy, abundance, gratitude, connection, fulfillment, and expansion. Growing is essential for everything in life so let’s make yours happen NOW!

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