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About Susan McCord

Hi there ~ Thank you for visiting my Bio Page. Let me introduce myself, Susan McCord.

I am here to refresh your belief in Relationships/Dating Advice/ & Lifestyle. Whether you have been on a long hiatus due to a marriage breakdown, have a basic fear of venturing into the singles market or have questions regarding married life, divorce or any general topic you may wish to discuss, I have been there, done that & have 20 T-shirts in different colors.

I offer not only candid advice but also interesting reality checks to all men and women of every age without discrimination. We all want to be heard & validated without harsh judgment.

You will enjoy my non judgmental, shoot from the hip attitude, minus the B.S. I am a friendly Canadian woman that wants to make a difference in the ever-changing world of technology, where no one talks anymore. Rather than fight it, I am using social media to my advantage to bring men and women together to embrace each others’ gender differences. We need to talk, listen and touch each others’ hearts before we forget how.

Watch my insightful & humorous “Video Shows” & read "My Blogs" to stay in touch with what’s new, exciting and interesting in the Dating & Relationship market. I am here to bring intimacy and love back to a world that is slowly forgetting how to connect with each other.


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