Why Did Brangelina Get Married If They Were Already Committed?

I once met Brad not too long ago and was in awe. It wasn't because he was Brad Pitt.  It was because he was a humble man who was just plain kind. Like everyone else, I wish him and Angelina a lifetime of love and happiness following their recent nuptials. To them, though, it's probably anti-climactic. Let's not forget Brad's interview years ago when he confessed his heart was yearning for a house full of kids. But he already had that ... happiness, lots of kids, a woman he admired and adored, and the committment he desired. So, what prompted him to finally get married?

When Brad and Angelina started living together, they believed a little piece of paper wasn't needed to prove to the world they were happy and going to be together forever. However, many children and one serious health scare later, now the couple is married. They also stated publicly that they would not marry until everyone else in our country could also legally do so, throwing their mega-watt star power behind the national campaign for LGBT marriage rights. But now they've walked down the aisle anyway. So, what happened?

Well, Brad has stated in interviews that little people in their lives (a.k.a. their kids) were laying on the pressure and questioning their state of matrimony.  Brad and Angelina decided to make their love legal and, impressively, even managed to keep it a secret for a few days. Though the couple initially believed that a piece of paper had no real value in regard to the strength of their love, it turns out that their kids feel that piece of paper means something more. To children, that piece of paper symbols a lifetime of commitment and security for them to have a married mom and dad. However naive and romantic that might seem to us adults.

So, are Brad and Angelina more committed now that they are married? I believe so, for the following reasons: 

  • Brad is a great father and honoring his kids' wishes surely means a great deal to his children.
  • Brad and Angie have grown up. The carousing wild antics of their youth have been replaced with family unity.
  • The whole world knows he has moved past his prior relationship with Ms. Goody Two Shoes (now maybe the tabloids will finally stop mentioning her name in every article about Brad and Angelina). 
  • This gesture makes his relationship with the woman he loves "legit" in the eyes of the world (even though the two of them already knew that already).
  • A promise to each other privately is one thing. But the sweet symbolism of a promise made to each other in front of family and friends raises the intention of that commitment to a whole new level. 

Of course, media-savvy Brangelina probably already know that it would just be just a matter of weeks (if not days) before the paparazzi started rumors of their marital demise. But, trash rags always do that. I can see the headlines now that say Jen runs down the aisle with some other Hollywood beau to one-up Brad. Go figure. Regardless, my best wishes to the already happy couple remain.

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