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San Diego CA 92103 - United States



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Author, Organization

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"You can't go back and make a new start, but you can start right now and make a brand new ending." James R. Sherman

About Susan Sparks

Susan Sparks is an author, a journalist, an advocate, and entrepreneur. She is also a SODA™:  a Survivor of Domestic Abuse.

In college, courses in law and communication were Susan’s focus, and she graduated with honors. Upon graduation, she combined her two passions and began her career as an investigative journalist, later working in The National Press Building where she reported, wrote and produced stories for national network news. Susan then transitioned to a career in IT, working in business development, operations, production, programming, and product development.

Six years ago Susan gathered the courage to break free from her abusive situation, sustaining both injury and emotional scars that will last a lifetime. As part of the healing process, she has turned her time and attention directly to the cause of helping others who are in abusive situations. To accomplish this, she is working diligently to raise the volume of the conversation about domestic abuse.

Susan Sparks is the Principal of four enterprises, and one charity, www.thesodafund.org, all dedicated to helping people avoid, understand, and prevent domestic abuse; and she has built www.thesoda-pop.com as a home online where people can go for help, education, and to find a community of others who share the same story.

SPARKS IN LOVE, which she hopes will serve as both an educational and cautionary tale to everyone who reads it, is Susan’s first book. Susan is currently working on three other books to further the cause and hopes to bring SPARKS IN LOVE to television soon.

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