How To Get Your Guy Friend To Like You

Here's how to get him to notice you.

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The "friend zone" is one of the most dreaded places to be in when it comes to dating. No one wants to be considered "just a friend" when you like someone.

If you want to know how to get out of a friend zone or how to get a guy friend to like you like you, then there are steps you can take to attract him and get his attention.

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The friend zone seems like something that only happens in movies ... until you find yourself there.

Every time you're with him, it feels like everything is right. You get along so well — more than any other guys; he gets you and you get him. He's the only guy that can truly understand you and you can be yourself every time you're with him.

He, on the other hand, lets his guard down when he is with you. He trusts you and tells you anything and everything.

You both enjoy being together. You can talk for hours and enjoy each other’s company, even in silence.

You feel that he also likes you and you're almost to the point of admitting your true feelings to him ... until he calls you “buddy.” Then it hits you.


He just treats you like one of the guys; his wing-woman and his best friend. You've been trapped in the friend zone. 

So how can you escape the friend zone and turn your guy friend into your boyfriend?

There are tons of reasons why your guy friend put you in the friend zone. 

He may not be attracted to you in "that" way, or maybe he's attracted to someone else. He could honestly just want to be friends with you, or he's dealing with his own stuff and isn't ready to start dating or begin a new relationship.

Whatever the reason might be, you could either move on by looking for another guy who would appreciate you and reciprocate your efforts and attention, or escape the friend zone.


Here are 6 tips to help you escape the friend zone and figure out how to get your guy friend to like you.

1. Dress up around him.

Maybe the reason why he treats you like "one of the guys" and doesn't see you as a woman is that he's used to seeing you dressed casually, in a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

Guys are visual creatures, so if you start putting an effort on your appearance and embrace your femininity, he's bound to notice the change.

Get into shape and work on your body. You don't need to have an hourglass shape to catch his eye, as guys are attracted to different body shapes and sizes. You just need to be fit, healthy, and happy with your own body.

You can also wear minimal makeup and clothes that will accentuate the best features of your face and body, and will boost your confidence as well.


2. Don't talk to him about other girls.

Don't let him be too comfortable talking to you about other girls. He will never see you as more than his friend if you let yourself to be his go-to person to ask for advice and opinions about the girls that he likes.

Be less interested when he tries to open up about his love life so he will stop talking about it.

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3. Don't be too available.

Most of the time, when you really like a guy, you might make yourself too available for him, thus, resulting in an imbalanced relationship because you give more time and attention to that person.

Make yourself less available and do less for him. Since he's used to seeing you all the time, especially every time he needs you, when you suddenly spend less time with him, he might feel he lost something important and increase his desire for you to come back.

Let him work if he truly values you and misses your presence. If he does not, move on and find another guy.

4. Hang out with other guys.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Start meeting other guys while you're waiting for him to develop feelings for you.


Make him a bit jealous by creating competition. Tell him about your date with another guy. This might open his eyes and awaken his feelings for you. He might be worried to lose you since you are dating other guys and you'll be spending less time with him.

He might even find you more desirable when someone else has you. If he didn't get jealous, he might want to be just friends with you. If that’s the case, move on and find someone new.

5. Stop doing favors and start asking for favors.

Get your guy friend to invest in your relationship. Since you always do favors for him, this time, make him do favors for you.

“He that has once done you a kindness will be more ready to do you another than he whom you yourself have obliged."  — Ben Franklin


Research shows that you tend to like a person if you do them a favor. This is because you presume that the reason why you did something for someone is that you like them. This is what they call the “Ben Franklin Effect."

So the next time you see or talk to your guy friend, ask him to fix something for you, or to give you a ride or even ask for his advice.

Not only can you spend more time together, but he will also see how valuable he is in your life.


6. Remember to be "hard to get," but don't shut him out.

Don't be too clingy and beg for his attention. And don't be an ice queen playing it cool and hard to get by shutting down your emotions because he might just lose his interest in you.

You might think you could play it cool by not replying to his messages for days, although not answering immediately every time would help you make yourself scarce, but you don’t have to make him wait that long.

Instead, be genuinely busy with your life. Keep yourself occupied with your hobbies and activities. Focus on yourself more and put less focus on him.

Before you make any actions to escape the friend zone, you need to ask yourself first if you're willing to sacrifice your friendship just to be in a relationship with your guy friend.


It is possible to get out of the friend zone with a bit of work and perseverance. But you don’t have to be desperate. You should always think of your worth and your value. Always focus on yourself and what is better for you.

If he wants to stay friends, then accept it and banish your romantic feelings for him and focus on being a good friend. If he doesn't like you more than a friend, then he is not the right guy for you and that's OK, too.

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