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About Cheryl Maloney

Hi, I’m Cheryl.  In the last five years I’ve gone from being an out of work corporate executive to an author, transformational coach and facilitator, publisher and Radio Talk Show Host.

Simple Steps Real Change  grew from my need to get through some really tough times.  You know the ones… those where you keep getting knocked down and you don’t know how to get back up again.  I looked under every rock for something to dig myself out of the hole I was in… but it was all too complicated.  I couldn’t sustain the effort it took to follow the plans that promised to change my life.

I needed something simple… a plan that dealt with what I needed not what someone else said I needed.  My practice and passion is built on a foundation of positivity.  We already know what's wrong in our lives and the world.  We don't need reminded of it.  We need encouragement, inspiration and support to move our lives forward.

With literally hundreds of Simple Steps you get a smorgasbord to choose what you want and need.  Most of all you can do so among friends… because more than anything else you need to know that  you’re not alone.

And that’s why the Simple Steps Real Change Facebook page was created.  It’s a safe harbor where beliefs are respected, inspiration is shared and those who come know that they are not alone in their journeys.  Today, with over 435,000 friends, the Simple Steps Real Change Facebook page has become a beacon of light for those going through life’s challenges.

Simple Steps Real Change on Empower Radio, airs Wednesday at 9am Pacific.  Hear from real people, like you and me, who have faced life’s challenges. As survivors they’ll share with you how they came through their most difficult days and use that experience to live a better life.

Simple Steps Real Change Magazine was created with you in mind this is where you’ll find practical advice from the next generation of inspirational leaders. 

Need more assistance taking a Simple Step?  I offer personal transformational coaching that enables you to move forward in your life on your terms. 

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Telephone: 503-830-0587


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