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How The January 2019 New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse In Capricorn Will Kick Off 2019 For All Zodiac Signs

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When Is The New Moon? How The January 2019 Partial Solar Eclipse & Lunar Energy In Capricorn Will Affect All Zodiac Signs

Whew! 2018 was a hard year for many of us, having survived one of the most active eclipse seasons in hundreds of years! People everywhere questioned our destiny — and our sanity — as the astrological shake-up set off alarm bells alerting us to what was no longer working in our lives.

Change is never easy, and you will feel the good vibes along with the shift in energy around the upcoming New Moon for up to six months.

When is the next New Moon and why is this one so unique?

The New Moon arrives in Capricorn on January 5, along with a partial solar eclipse, as the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, eclipsing or darkening the Sun for a brief period. Because this will be a partial solar eclipse, most of the sun will remain visible. ​

An eclipse accompanying the New Moon has a dynamic impact, prolonging the effects on all zodiac signs for as long as six months, instead of the usual four weeks.

This means all the cosmic seeds you plant now will be powerful game-changers, especially around professional endeavors.

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This phase of the moon calendar is the ideal time to plan for the future!

The mighty Sun is conjunct the Moon, opening to new and beautiful possibilities! Don't waste your time on cheap talk and wine. Question your old paradigms and let go of what's holding you back.

This partial solar eclipse will be an optimistic, creative and generous one, thanks in part to Vega, the brightest star in the constellation of Lyra (aka, the Harp) and the second-brightest star in the Northern celestial hemisphere, after Arcturus.

Just like the musical instrument, you can play this harmonious energy by starting or growing creative endeavors. Let those creative juices flow, always sowing your seeds in light and love. Good intentions go a long way here. Be kind to your fellow man, and we will all reap the rewards of your good will.

Be aware, however, that there is a serious side to all these positive vibes.

The Solar Eclipse is conjunct with the heavy planet Saturn, and karmic Saturn is coupled with Pluto at the midpoint in Capricorn, all of which gives a serious edge and a conservative, somewhat dark feel to the optimism accompanying its alignment with Vega.

The negative vibe of this aspect is considerably lightened with Neptune sextile the eclipse, though, so there's no need for you to listen to the dark voices Saturn brings up. Just brush them off and sow those happiness seeds!

If you're looking for a way to creatively harness all of this astrological good fortune in the New Year, look no farther!

Here is a simple, cleansing New Moon ritual all zodiac signs can practice in order to welcome the happy, creative and fruitful lunar and solar energy into 2019.

1. Clear your energy

Creating new energy in a polluted environment is hard, but clearing away energetic debris gives you space to manifest the magic of the New Moon.

Here are 2 simple methods to try:

  • Take a sage bundle and after lighting the end of the sage stick move the smoke all around you visualizing all the negative, toxic energy being released and transmuted into positive energy. Like the feel? Go ahead and sage your home, cleansing and releasing the worn out energy in your environment.
  • Take a salt cleaning bath. Salt is known to cut negative energy and adding salt to your bath water will wash away the heavy vibes you picked up over the holidays! The type of salt is not as important as your intentions here. (My favorite is sea salt but I've also used Epsom salts and table salt with much success!)

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2. Create a vision board

The power of Vega calls to your creative juices! Grab those all magazines, scissors, and glue and get to creating a vision board to manifest the life of your dreams!

Creating a vision board is a powerful way to give a visual representation to your desires and begins to align you energetically with your wishes. Poster board or even a file folder will work here. Good at drawing? Draw what you want to create!

This is a representation of your future life, so plan accordingly and dream big, you worthy New Moon manifestor you!

3. Write out affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements about your future that over time begin to rewrite the negative self-sabotaging thoughts that creep into your mind. Just start off claiming in the present tense what you want.

Here's an example of a powerful affirmation:"I am a successful, sought-after author of five best-selling books."

If that doesn't feel right to you, no worries. Sometimes it feels like a lie to people when they say a statement that they don't believe. If that's you, simply use the statement "I allow" instead of "I am" at the beginning of your affirmation.

Write these down and keep them displayed in a location where you will see it all the time, like on the bathroom mirror, refrigerator or even set as a daily reminder on your cell phone.

No matter how you chose to use this energy of this first New Moon of January 2019, it promises to add a little magic dust to those New Years resolutions!

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Sheri Brown is an intuitive therapist who uses her intuitive healing abilities along with her training in Eastern and Western holistic healing to bring balance and harmony into the lives of her clients. To know what 2019 has in story for you, schedule a psychic reading today.