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8 Signs You Need To Break Up With Your Ex

We get it. Breaking up with your ex and moving forward with your love life is easier said than done. That’s why, we are here to tell you how to perform an “ex-orcism” on yourself. Read on and we assure you that you will feel more confident and ready to finally stop obsessing over someone who is holding you back from finding the man you deserve. 10 Secrets Guaranteed To Help You Immediately Get Over An Ex

“I can't get my ex out of my mind!"

“When do you think about him most?”, I asked my frustrated client.

“When I'm sleeping with Kevin!"

Small wonder she kept fantasizing about her ex! She was in touch with him at least twice a week by phone and countless times on Facebook. Even with the best efforts to knock her socks off in and out of the bedroom, poor Kevin couldn’t compete with the “ginormous” mountain of memories she was keeping alive in the forefront of her mind. 5 Definitive Reasons Not To Get Back With Your Ex

Getting over an ex is hard enough. Remaining text buddies, Facebook friends and occasional cuddle partners only complicates matters. What’s worse is the fact that anyone who comes within 10 feet of you foolishly hoping for a fair shot at a relationship does not stand a chance. It’s not fair to you or your future prospects to hold a torch for another flame, even if it’s only a sparkler.

The reason most people stay out of smoky bars and clubs when trying to quit smoking is obvious; the fumes, no matter how lethal are a reminder of a toxic habit that was once pleasurable in small doses. How easily can we forget that relationships end for a reason? Great sex, a few good memories, and the comfort of familiarity should not be enough for you to sign on for the inevitable heartache that comes along with carrying the baggage of a worn relationship on your back.

The surest way to sabotage your romantic future? Hang on to your past relationship. Whether you’re still booty calling your ex, or merely emotionally holding on by a hangnail, staying connected to your ex in any way can wreak emotional havoc on what’s next for you. 3 Ways To Open The Door To A New Relationship

Here are 8 signs you need to perform an “ex-orcism” on yourself:

1.Your level of contact with your ex makes your current partner uneasy. Whether you’re serious or not, if your new love interest can see your connection to your ex, it’s a sign that you need to cut the ties.

2. If you become anxious or jealous when your ex mentions a new love or dating interest.

3. If you constantly have to remind yourself that you can sleep with your ex without becoming emotionally attached, chances are that’s exactly what’s happening.

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