10 Worst Names A Person Can Possibly Have

Did your name make the list? Find out now!

10 Worst Names A Person Can Possibly Have [EXPERT]

We're all guilty of it; when reading anything written about anyone, we talk about the meaning behind that person's name. It's because we tend to associate different names with different behaviors.

Some names are naturally "better" than other names because they are more balanced in their gifts and their challenges. Remember: all names have both an abundance of gifts and an abundance of challenges to help us improve and grow. Here are the top ten worst names to have. Cross your fingers you don't read your own!


Boy names:

  1. Morgan. Everything is difficult for a Morgan, and he has bad luck. Morgan waits to win something big, and is motivated by wanting recognition so he doesn't have to work.
  2. Gordon. Gordon tends to sabotage himself and/or others. He is overly critical, which makes him tough to be around for an extended period of time. His logical mind often keeps him thinking in circles. Gordon wants to be ahead of the curve in order to gain that extra attention he so desperately craves.
  3. Weston. Weston doesn't see reality for what it is. Rather, he lives in illusion despite swearing he sees things clearly. His need to be in the spotlight causes him to act out aganist good people.
  4. Herbert. Herbert is always looking for perfection in himself and others. Herbert turns his attention towards sex, sexual fantasies, and diffidence.
  5. Bruce. Charming and charismatic when he wants to be, Bruce can turn on the charm and — just as effortlessly —turn it off. Bruce is often paranoid, and can be quite difficult to live or work with over a long period of time. His big ego combined with his fear of losing control render Bruce quite a handful. ​

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Girl names:

  1. Heather. Heathers are often equivalent to Gordons. They can come across as sweethearts, and yet something always ends up going wrong. Due to their inability to see things clearly, Heathers have a difficult time keeping their priorities straight.
  2. Marie. Maries consistently self-sacrifice for the good of the whole. They are always expected to serve others, and put themselves in a position to be the last priority. This extreme martyrdom gets old and yet, doesn’t change.
  3. Hillary. With Hillaries, everything is an uphill battle. Hillaries always have to fight for what they believe is right and nothing comes easily to them. They have issues involving fairness; they have no problem standing up for others, yet have a hard time finding their own voice to fight for themself. Often, Hillaries will complete tasks they don't want to do, just for the sake of others. Life is one uphill battle. So, to compensate, Hillary micromanages.
  4. Sheila. Nothing goes as planned for Sheilas, and often, they don't feel like they fit into the same social circles as the people around them. Thus, Sheilas are constantly seeking to gain approval from others while often battling health issues, as well. Their constitution is weak and as a result, their immune systems are often compromised.
  5. Connie. As interesting as Connies are, they are such extreme control freaks that they eventually drive even the most caring people away from them. They are overly critical and would rather be right than have a friend. Connies tend to demean others in their company. 

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