8 Ways To Feel Sexy In Bed Before Your Man Even Shows Up

Don't just feel sexy in the bedroom. Feel sexy EVERY day!


It's finally the weekend. You've had a productive week, life is sweet, and you're enjoying a welcomed day off. You're minding your own business when a guy you're dating calls. He asks you on a date, you say "yes," and immediately decide that this will be his lucky night to sex you up.

After the initial flood of excitement, panic sets in. Ahh! You have to prepare and have so much to do all of a sudden. Amy Schumer illustrates the next few hours of your day hilariously here. Does it really have to be this way? The answer is: absolutely not. Your entire life shouldn't be turned upside down. You don't have to rush to take care of 10 zillion things just because a guy will get a taste of your delicious self tonight.


I've been there, but I've learned how to eliminate the need for the "scramble dance" in the first place. I used to be the queen of freaking out when it was time to finally give up the goods. But, not anymore. So, how do you continue on the trajectory of a relaxing day with the knowledge that in a few hours, a guy's gorgeous face will be buried in your deserving crotch? Easy—always be prepared for coitus (as Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory would call it).

It's time to shift our normal way of thinking by making kegal exercises and hair removal (let's even throw in a massage) part of our regular routine. I don't want to hear the sighs and moans about how much time or money the upkeep will take because you are worth it. You will feel sexier, more relaxed and so ready for sex, it's ridiculous.


You're not just set for a hot, steamy episode, are you? You're ready to have a delightful day, regardless of whether or not a man will take part. You are giving yourself extra care because you are awesome and you deserve to feel primped and pampered ... for you, not just for some dude.

The panic that tugs at all of your insecurities is transformed into excitement and arousal; no running around for last-minute madness. You've got it all under control, and why? Because each of these eight steps are covered:

  1. Exercise, including doing your kegal exercises. They help intensify your orgasms, and make your "she" muscles more flexible and tight. Do you need a reason beyond the first one?
  2. Stay well-hydrated. Drinking water is healthy, but for sex, it will help you stay naturally lubricated in all the right places.
  3. Don't overstuff yourself with food. Eat until you're not hungry anymore. No scarfing down meals. Take time to taste and savor the flavor of your food. You appreciate the moment more and you don't end up feeling bloated later.
  4. Keep everything below your eyebrows bald. It feels better when wearing lingerie, which is now a regular thing.
  5. Feel beautiful. Wear clothes and underwear that make you feel sexy.
  6. Always have a condom. Guys usually have condoms, but why not get the kind you're most comfortable with? That thing is going to be inside of you.
  7. Carry a wipe in your purse. Nothing beats a nice pre-sex shower, but both Always and Vagisil offer little individually packaged wipes for those moments you want an impromptu freshen-up.
  8. Pick a man who adores you and doesn't make you feel insecure, whether it is intentionally or unintentionally. This is the most important step of them all. You are a sexy beast and in no way should you feel manipulated or regretful the morning after. You should feel like a very bad girl, but in a scrumptiously good way.

Don't settle just because you need penis in your life. Get a toy to hold you over for those lonely, horny moments. You won't hate yourself after, and because you're not ruining your self-esteem by sleeping with turds, you'll be better prepared mentally for the right guy when he comes along.

Now that you're following these steps, you're sending out positives vibes just by feeling good and taking better care of your everyday self. You will be surprised how quickly and often the opportunity presents itself.


When you finally have sex, you will be well-prepared. You're giving yourself the gift of being in the moment. You will not have the stress of a crazed day to calm down from. Everything is just as it should be. You will feel more connected to your man and more comfortable in your skin because you treat yourself well by practicing the art of self-pampering.

Aisha Amore is a coach and creator of Sexy Beast Project. Contact her for information about how to feel sexy, confident and powerful. Her latest work, "How To Feel Like The Sexy Beast You Know You Are," can be found here.