Don't Blame Yourself For His Shortcomings! There's A Way

It is NOT Your fault! Learn how to make him pleasure you enough to feel, well—PLEASURED

"Help! My boyfriend is bad in bed."

Yes ... I know. I feel so bad for you. You know, despite the fact that it's all your fault.

Say what?

How is the fact that your man is a pig in bed YOUR fault? Allow me to explain.

First of all, I'm assuming that you love your man because he is a good person, a decent human being and not a total prick.

So what we're talking about here is the fact that your guy is a really cool guy and all...he just has no idea on how to please a woman. Isn't that a fair assessment?


Four Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Is Bad In Bed

1. He thinks you want nothing but staying power.

And realistically speaking, how many guys can last forever? Men who have no idea what they're doing think that staying power is the end-all when it comes to sex.

The problem is, they get over-excited right away and end up cumming too soon—just when you were getting warmed up.

Now the guy is embarrassed for having "lost the battle" so soon and he turns over to rest, and probably becomes super-defensive too. He might even say something like "It was good for me!" if he thinks you're criticizing his staying power.


Here's the problem! It's not all about staying power. You need to educate this well-meaning macho stud that staying power is the END of sex, not the beginning.

Train him on the pleasures of foreplay; touching, caressing, kissing, licking and sucking.

This should be going on WELL BEFORE he whips his junk out like Dirty Harry pulls out his lucky gun.

2. You haven't schooled him about porn.

It sucks that men have nowhere else to go but porn for sex education.

They banned prostitution. Sex therapy is scary. And in school, well, listening to old Ed Rooney (Ferris Bueller's Day Off, hellooo?) talk about the clitoris and vulva just isn't quality education.


So there comes porn and it's just batshit crazy! Nothing but huge shlongs, hour long staying power, giant fake boobs, and all sorts of ass-ramming that would make Ted Bundy cringe.

The guy is probably thinking, "I should be like those porn stars and you should be like those porn girls."  This is a problem and another reason women often say, "My boyfriend is bad in bed."

It's time to let the big guy down easy and remind him that real sex is a totally different experience.

3. You have no idea what you want.

Let's face it … a sexy woman knows exactly what she wants. She's not silly enough to just lie back and wait for some big dumb guy to rock her world.


She knows that the clitoris, the breasts, the vaginal opening and the G-spot are her best weapons for a full body orgasm.

She is also fully aware of her erogenous zones and knows exactly what feels good and what doesn't.

She knows how to communicate her desires to a man in a fun and sexy way. Perhaps through dirty talking, through movement and moaning, or through direct request.

So if you don't know your own "pleasure triggers," how can you possibly expect your boyfriend to?


4. Something's not right somewhere.

This might seem embarrassing, but it bears repeating. If you smell funny, make weird noises or said some cryptic thing way back when that killed the mood, your guy will not be operating at 100%.

In his stubbornly visual brain, he's just thinking the same thought over and over. It's the point where he doesn't even care if he sucks in bed. Something you did ruined everything.

Make sure your guy is working at 110% before you proceed to the next level.

I know this list isn't going to be popular with some girls. You know, the type that blame men for all ills of the world. But I guarantee you, honey—a sexy and orgasmic woman will tell you the same four things.