What's Keeping You From A Great Sex Life?

What's Keeping You From A Great Sex Life? [EXPERT]

If you've been holding back in the bedroom, now's the time to ask yourself what you're waiting for. Why can't you let go? What will it take for you to surrender and let yourself have the sexual experience you deserve?

Are you feeling insecure about your body? Maybe you are trying to ditch a few extra pounds or are trying to tone up. Maybe you feel like your body just isn't the same after having babies — everything's got stretch marks or is just plain stretched out. Kink Up Your Sex Life '50 Shades Of Grey' Style

Those are all just excuses, and if you cling to them you'll never be able to let go. It's time to surrender now! Leave the negative self-talk behind. File it away if you really want to visit it again.

If you want a great sex life, it's time to stop doubting yourself and start letting go. I promise your partner won't notice your flaws (real or imagined) when he's hungry for intimacy. Being able to let your hair down is one of the greatest turn-ons of all! Letting go of the negative self-talk is key to a satisfying sex life.

Don't compare yourself to other women; start embracing the woman you are. Your partner is in bed with you because you are one of a kind and something special. Don't forget that! 5 Ways To Make Your Sex Toys Last Longer

People say "don't buy what the media is selling," and it is excellent advice. You don't need to look like the (airbrushed) cover of a magazine to be desirable. Sexy is not about waist size or breast size, it's about attitude. If you can love yourself for who you are, and bring that confidence into the bedroom, you both will go places you have never been before.

If you need a little help reminder of the sexy creature you are, dig your sexiest panties or lingerie out of the bottom of your drawer. Give up the illusion of being a "good girl" and make your partner feel like a rock star. Pull out some sex toys and give them a try. Being dirty in the bedroom doesn't make you a bad person, so throw those thoughts right out the window.

Sex is an incredibly powerful way to feel connected to your partner. There is nothing more intimate. When I feel like I could wring my partner's neck, I just take a deep breath and remember "this too shall pass." Then I find that when we make up and reunite in bed it reminds me how much I care for him — even when he's driving me crazy. Get In Shape For Better Sex

So, next time you are worried about dimming the lights or you start feeling nervous about wearing that skimpy lingerie or that super-short skirt for him, don't listen to that negative voice in your head. Instead, hear my voice saying, "Go for it! You are perfect! Go rock his world!" 

We are all a work in progress. We all need a reminder of how to let go of the illusions that the media and society have brainwashed us with. If you have some tips or tactics to help, please share them!

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