5 Reasons Sexless Marriages Happen — And 5 Ways To Fix It STAT

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How To Fix A Sexless Marriage For A Happpier Union

It's not a fun situation. You could be married to the most incredible person in the whole world and click with them, but if you aren't having as much sex as you'd like then you're missing out. This article will help you solve this frustrating problem. 

Before I get to all the hot techniques you can use to fix your sexless marriage or relationship, there are a few important things I need to cover first. This way, you will fully understand how your marriage became sexless in the first place, and how to prevent it from happening again.

You may have had a super-passionate relationship when you first started dating your partner, and are now wondering what happened. Or maybe it wasn't even that passionate, but it still fizzled out and now you want answers.

Well, the truth is that sexless marriages happen because of a few reasons:

1. Time makes you too comfortable. As time passes you will naturally become more and more comfortable with your partner. This can be a great thing, but it also has it's drawbacks; the biggest one of which is how this "comfortableness" sucks the passion out of your relationship. There's nothing you can do about time passing, but it's important to be aware that it's a factor.

2. Excitement fizzles out. The brain craves novel experiences. When you get used to something, your brain acts on autopilot and you aren't nearly as excited or engaged as you were previously. So when you know everything about your man, he may not seem as exciting as he once did. The same goes for how he may feel about you. Again, this is something that naturally happens as you spend more time together.

3. He has low testosterone. If a guy has low testosterone he just simply isn't going to have as much of a drive for sex when compared to a guy with high testosterone. A drop in testosterone levels is natural as your man ages, but often it can happen quickly due to stress or other factors. If you suspect this is the reason for your sexless marriage, then your man should get his testosterone levels checked by a doctor.

4. One or both of you was brought up where sex was shameful. Another serious reason for sexless relationships is psychological. Many men that have been brought up in conservative, strict religious households can have an adverse view of sex and even dislike it. This is usually because they often associate shame and/or guilt with the idea of enjoying sex. If you suspect this is the case, then your man may benefit from talking to a psychologist.

5. There's no sexual tension. Sexual tension (or lack thereof) is probably the single biggest problem in sexless marriages. It's something couples often forget about as they grow more comfortable with each other. Instead of drawing out the buildup to sex in a fun, agonizing and pleasurable experience, couples often fall into a routine of "turning up" and expecting it to happen.

Now that you understand how marriages become sexless in the first place, it's time to learn some techniques to fix yours.

If you find that your man suffers from sexual shame or has low testosterone, then you're going to need a doctor to fix these problems. For every other problem, you can use one of these techniques:

1. Build up sexual tension.

When you do it right, your man is going to want to rip your clothes off. Building sexual tension involves doing things that make your man think about sex, but make it difficult for it to happen.

2. Send dirty text messages.

Sending your man dirty and flirty text messages out of nowhere is a great way to build sexual tension. Try saying something like, "Couldn't get you out of my head in the shower this morning" or "Why are you not here when I need you?" Notice how they aren't explicit, but merely hint at something hot and naughty.

3. Playfully touch him in places he won't expect.

You hug and kiss your man goodbye every single day when he goes to work. This is obviously something that he's going to be comfortable with. So change things up by touching him in places he won't expect and at times that don't necessarily call for it.

Try grabbing or pinching his butt as he walks past you or rub yourself off him when you're both just hanging out. But don't do anything else. These fairly sexual acts followed by not being sexual is infuriating for guys, but it also turns them on like crazy.

4. Talk dirty in public.

The next time you're out with your man in public, try leaning over and whispering something filthy or a little suggestive in his ear. The fact that he can't act on it is a great way to get his mind thinking about what could happen. Sexual tension isn't something that happens overnight, so don't get discouraged if it takes a while for your man to start responding.

5. Give him a blowjob.

This one is obvious, right? There are so many different sex techniques that will drive your man wild with desire, that not trying them out is just crazy. So what techniques should you use? A nice, simple blowjob will do the trick instantly.