How To Have An Orgasm EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. You Have Sex

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Have An Orgasm Every Time

Learning how to have an orgasm is surprisingly easy. If you've never had one before, this guide will show you exactly what you need to do in order to have a powerful, body-shaking orgasm by yourself, as well as with your partner.

I've split this tutorial into two parts; both are equally important. In the first part, I'm going to explain the things you need to do before you start masturbating or pleasuring yourself so that you're guaranteed to have a super-strong orgasm. Afterward, I'm going to show you the specific techniques you need to use to have an orgasm.

This is simply because when figuring out how to reach orgasm, whether by yourself or with a man, you need to be able to do two things: put yourself in the right mindset, and know how to physically bring yourself to orgasm. Let's begin your journey on how to reach orgasm.

1. Learn how to have an orgasm by yourself.

Before ever trying to orgasm with your man, you should first start by learning how to have an orgasm on your own. There's a lot less pressure to perform when you're just by yourself and nobody is watching.

Not only should you try to reach orgasm when you're somewhere alone or private, but you should also try to make sure that you're as comfortable as possible. For almost everyone, the place that's both comfortable and private is their bedroom. But for others, it's the bathroom or even the shower.

It's ultimately up to you where your comfortable place is. As well as being in a private, comfortable place, you also need to be able to get yourself in the mood to have an orgasm.

2. Embrace your fantasies, kinks and turn-ons.

Having the best orgasms requires you to intimately know what turns you on and arouses you. So, you need to do a little exploring. Start examining what kinds of things turn you on. For many, the classic examples of being with a guy they find hot or being swept off their feet, or having sex in front of a roaring fire, arouses them immensely.

However, you'll find that most people have kinks and fantasies that aren't as mainstream as this. These could be things like being dominated by a guy or two, or even a group of guys. Or they could involve things like feet, wearing certain clothes or being degraded. For many women, watching porn is a massive turn on, while others can't stand it. The list is endless.

The important thing is to find out what turns you on and embrace it. Embracing and getting comfortable with your turn-ons and kinks is crucial to learning how to have a powerful orgasm. This is how you set the mood inside your head.

Setting the mood outside your head can also be important. You may find that lighting candles, dimming the lights, listening to your favorite song, even wearing certain clothes or no clothes at all can help you massively in reaching orgasm.

3. Don't forget about technique.

Now that we've covered the boring (but still very important) stuff, let's learn some techniques that will help you to have an orgasm.

Include finger foreplay: This first technique is pretty straightforward. It's designed simply to get you in the mood, which will make building up to having an orgasm a lot easier. All you're going to be doing is run your fingers over your erogenous zones, all over your body and focusing on what feels good.

For some they may feel more and more aroused by playing with their nipples, while others much prefer to massage their inner thighs, and many really like to slowly stroke their labia up and down with their fingers. Play around and discover what you like and enjoy. Remember: the goal here is to focus on what's enjoyable.

Pay attention to the clitoral hood: While the final aim is to learn how to achieve orgasm, keep focusing only on what feels good. Don't get caught up with the orgasm part just yet. You may like to very lightly brush and stroke over the clitoral hood, while others may like much more forceful pressure. At the end of the day, it's really up to you. So experiment with different amounts of pressure until you discover what's most pleasurable.

Use direct stimulation: Once you're really enjoying yourself, it's time to discover the secret of how to have an orgasm while masturbating. The easiest way is with direct stimulation with the tips of your fingers on your clitoris. All you need to do is rub your clitoris with a side-to-side motion or an up-and-down motion.

Start by experimenting with the lightest amount of pressure and then slowly increase the amount of pressure you apply. As you do, try to note how good (or bad) it feels. Then concentrate on what feels best, as this will help you to have an orgasm.

4. Focus on the pleasure, not the outcome.

When learning how to have an orgasm on your own, you need to follow one piece of counter-intuitive advice: don't focus on trying to have an orgasm. Focus on what feels good and pleasurable, and eventually that feeling will build to an orgasm. Maybe not the first time you try it, but eventually.

5. Bring your man in on the action.

Once you know how to reach orgasm on your own, it's time to get your man involved. If you find that you're struggling to reach orgasm during sex, you can show your man what you like or you can just do what works by yourself during sex.


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