3 Crazy But Powerful Tips For Better Sex

You should also learn about what YOU enjoy during sex.

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You'll be surprised. Learning how to have good sex with your man is easy. Not only is it easy, but it can be incredibly fun too, if you follow just a small amount of these instructions.

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One of the biggest problems women face when trying to learn how to have good sex is that they often turn to pornography for help. Sadly pornography isn't real and it while it may have a few good nuggets of information hidden inside it, it's mostly garbage. The other problem is that people often believe that to be better at sex, you just need to be wilder and more kinky. Again, this can certainly help, but again it's not quite the right attitude to have.


Below are 3 things that you need to focus on if you truly want to know how to have good sex with your man.

1. Great Communication
I really don't want to sound like some sort of self-help 'guru' who talks about 'effective communication' but the fact is that having great communication with your man is crucial to having a great sex life. Talking to him and finding out what he likes, hates and is indifferent to is vital if you want to improve your sex life. The same goes for making sure he knows what you like, hate and are indifferent to.

You don't ever need to have a sit down, serious conversation with your man about this. In fact that would probably be counterproductive. A much better way is to talk to him about it when you are already getting sexual with him. Get vocal about what you like him doing, "Keep doing that, it feels so good" or "I love it when you hit that spot". You should also be obvious and vocal about what you don't like. This will let him know exactly what you don't like him doing.


2. Try New Things

It's great to have a few default 'sex moves' that you know will rock your man's world. But if you use these every single time you are intimate with your man, then he's going to eventually get bored of them. A much better way to ensure you always have good sex with your man is to have a large library of sex moves to use on him. With this in mind, you may learn a thing or 20 from the the oral sex tutorial video that you can watch here.

I know what you're thinking, "Well D'uh, but where can I learn some more new moves?" Fear not, I have you covered. As well as finding a complete guide on how to give your man incredible oral sex in the Bad Girl's Bible, today I want to give you some tips that you can use immediately:

Naughty Words: Another pretty straightforward, but slightly more difficult way to have good sex is to talk dirty to your man during it. Just like with learning new lovemaking positions, being super exotic or wild is not necessarily better.


You'll discover that even just moaning and groaning more than usual can make everything far more enjoyable for your man, but it's even more powerful if you can vocalise exactly what you like about your man and what you enjoy him doing. "That feels so good" or "Faster" or "I wish you could just do that forever". You'll find that saying things that massage his ego work best.

Just remember that you don't want to go overboard, otherwise you are going to start to sound unbelievable and a little ridiculous. You'll find examples & tips in the dirty talking instructional presentation that you can watch here.

3. Learn About Yourself
Learning how to have good sex shouldn't be all about your man. It's just as vital that you have a lot of fun as well. Probably the best way to make sure you have a lot of fun during sex is to explore your own body and discover exactly what turns you on through masturbation.


This doesn't need to be something you do in the presence of your man. In fact, it's probably easier to do it on your own as their will be less pressure to 'perform'. Then when you discover exactly what you like, you can let your man know so that he can incorporate it into your lovemaking

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