5 Essential Orgasm Tips For Women

Orgasm: 5 Essential Orgasm Tips For Women

In this article I'm going to show you how to have an orgasm every time, whether you're with your man or are simply giving yourself a little self pleasure. You'll quickly realise and learn while reading that having really strong orgasms is surprisingly simple. Here are the 5 things you need to do.

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  1. Start Off Alone: If you have difficulty reaching orgasm with your man during sex, then the best thing to do is to take the pressure off and start learning how to orgasm on your own. The reason is simply because orgasming when masturbating on your own is much easier. As well as being easier to orgasm by masturbating on your own, it's also important to pay attention to the things that turn you on and really get you going. This is so that when you are with your man you know what to do to get yourself closer to orgasm. It could be a fantasy, a position or a certain way you touch your clitoris. Try to discover these things on your own and then use them to your advantage when you are with your man. (If you want to learn detailed advice on how to give your man great oral sex, then click here.)
  2. Learn To Relax: The next step to cover when learning how to come is finding a way to relax and really accept your sexuality. For most people, relaxing requires them to be with a guy they totally trust and be in a place where they are totally at ease. When you're with a guy that you totally trust, then you'll naturally be more at ease. But when you're with a guy that you feel you have to impress, then you'll start to feel "performance pressure," which in turn makes it harder to reach orgasm. For most people, a place that they feel comfortable in is their bedroom when there is nobody else around.
  3. What Position Works Best: If you are new to sex or inexperienced, then you may not have found what positions work best for you. Finding the right sexual positions when learning how to reach orgasm is absolutely crucial to learning how to come with your man. If you are looking for examples of which positions work best, you will find over 100 (with professional photographs) on this site here. For some people they find that they can only orgasm when having doggy style sex, while others need to have sex in positions where their man is directly stimulating their clit. The important thing here is to do lots of experimentation with your man until you find what works best for you.
  4. Toys, Toys, Toys: Using sex toys to help you to reach orgasm is not cheating when learning how to orgasm. Whether you are masturbating alone or are having sex with your man, sex toys can offer you that extra bit of stimulation to help drive you over the edge and reach orgasm. There are many awesome sex toys that you can use to help you to orgasm.
  5. Get The Right Sex Advice: Learning how to come and reach orgasm should only be the beginning of your journey to having great sex with your man. Included in this journey should be learning how to talk talk dirty to your man (You might like this powerful video that will teach you how) as well as how to give your man perfect oral sex (Thankfully, I have also created a video tutorial on this too that you can watch here).