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Do You Know Your Child's Money Personality?

child's money personality

Twin studies, birth order books, family reunions ... these are all great ways to figure out how similar we are to our family members and what we discover can be fascinating! What's even more fascinating is how you can know how your children will handle finances as grown adults by watching them in their childhoods.

After many years of research, working with thousands of families, we determined you are born with your "Money Personalities." They are hard-wired into your DNA from the start—like your hair color or height. Because those tendencies are there from the start, you can usually identify your child's Primary Money Personality just by watching their every day habits. One easy way to determine your child's Money Personality is to watch them with their candy.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a kid who doesn't love candy. After all, Americans eat 7 billion pounds worth of confectionary products every year; and with that, you have the perfect setting to identify your child's Primary Money Personality (and maybe a bad stomach ache).

If your child is a Saver, he/she will stash and store candy forever. Reese's Pieces will turn hard to stone before your child would even consider consuming them all.

If your child is a Spender, he/she will get a thrill from eating treats right away. Why wait?

If your child is a Risk Taker, he/she will find creative, new uses for the newly acquired "commerce" of jelly beans and chocolate. Your child will want to trade with cousins or friends to collect rare sweets and increase his/her collection. Keep reading...

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