Embracing Sadness: A Love Letter To Real Life And Coping

It happens weekly. Clients consult me about sadness, ranging in intensity from fleeting to overwhelming. They say that they are sick, and they tell me they want meds "to take the sadness away..."


Will someone please tell me how and when sadness, even when it is overwhelming, means you need meds?  Will someone please tell me when sadness, even overwhelming sadness, began to be labeled as sickness?

A common sense perspective is long overdue: Life can bring great fulfillment and joy. But life, every life, will also bring pain and sadness: Some we love are ill, and despite great effort, cannot be helped. Some we love die. We may be ill, and the end of life will eventually come to us all... some well before their time.  And many, many suffer with poverty, loss of employment, inability to bring medical care to their family, betrayal by "friends," connivance of dishonest colleagues...

The list goes on and on.


Sometimes one we love loyally and deeply, be it friend, partner, or lover -- stops loving us. And life teaches that we can work effectively in many ways, but if one does not love you, there is nothing you can do about it when the door to resolve is slammed shut.

We must remember that we are promised only the pursuit of happiness, along with our life and liberty... for happiness, in reality, if we dare to see what is around us, will always be fleeting.

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