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"The biggest test for parents is not how they parent, but how they respond to disorder and unpredictability." Sarah Newton

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Sarah Newton has been helping youth and families for over 17 years of her life, initially as a police officer in the Met and for the last 10 years running her own youth consultancy business.

She has worked with and transformed some of the most difficult and empathetic young people and regularly appears in the media, giving her expert opinion. She has been featured on most UK TV channels (with one of her programmes watched by 1 in 4 of the UK population),hosted her own TV series (which has aired in America, Australia, New Zealand, Poland and Scandinavia), been involved with campaigns for such companies as MTV, Paramount and the BBC and has sat on future thought panels for ITV.

Her first book, “Help! My Teenager is an Alien – the everyday situation guide for parents” was launched in March 2007. This book has now been translated into Polish and Chinese. Her second Book "The Teen Years - Don't Get Mad - Get Through- A parent's guide to surviving the teenage years without tearing your hair out" is notwavailable on Amazon.

Whilst Sarah has a natural flair and pragmatic approach to resolving issues, she has been diligent in developing her professional skills. She has been professionally trained through Coach U, Comprehensive Coaching U and was the first U.K. graduate of the Academy of Family Coach Training. Sarah is currently getting certificated in the teaching of William Glasser’s Choice Theory.

She combines this knowledge with her police experience all mixed together with equal parts of sensitivity, wonder, common sense, and humour to touch people’s lives.

Sarah is passionate about educating, enabling and empowering young people to make better choices. Choices that are better for them, their families, their friends and society as a whole. She is a strong proponent of taking personal responsibility for our lives and the decisions we make. She is driven by a desire to help adults create environments and conditions that allow youth to thrive. This desire drove her to join forces with Lisa Warner, 2009 Entrepreneur of the Year, to educate families on communication skills.

Sarah is considered a thought leader among her peers and her futuristic attitude allows clients to benefit from her forward thinking, whole-person approach to everything she does. Her love of restorative justice and her obsession for information on generational theory, neuroscience and technology are slowly turning her into a closet Geek! Sarah is also the creator of the exciting new Teenology Model and the editor and creator of Celebrity Parent Advice.

Sarah lives happily in Northampton, England with her two daughters Bronte (15) and Freya (11), her husband and a menagerie of animals.

Sarah Newton Success Stories

From Lacklustre to Red Hot Mama

Couples dealing with parenting issues

“I’ve enjoyed the journey of developing parenting my teenagers. I was finding it difficult to get what I needed as a mum, while ensuring that I fulfilled my duties as a parent. I’ve gained a new balance of being able to meet my own needs and meet my children’s needs without feeling guilty about taking time for myself. I have learnt to add the word respect to my acknowledgement of others. It’s been great to have the support of Sarah, and the framework to move in, which I surely would have lost track of if Sarah had not been there as my coach.” -Catherine Shaw

A lifeline to our son

Couples dealing with parenting issues

"We were delighted with the impact of Sarah’s advice and felt it provided a lifeline for our son, at a time when he was really struggling. Her suggestions have given our son increased self-confidence and encouraged him to think about all of his options for future development. Our family is now a much more harmonious unit and we feel that we are at last able to communicate with our son in a way that we couldn’t before. Thank you Sarah!"more

Parents to Alex

Sarah has an amazing ability to engage with teens

Couples dealing with parenting issues

"Sarah has an amazing ability to engage with teens and to help them overcome the issue they struggle with. Trust her! She was able to help our daughter in ways that we found difficult as we were seen as critical parents. Emma has learnt invaluable life skills that she will keep forever. She is not phased by the thought of starting college and making new friends, she is confident and she has all she needs to settle in quickly. Unlike many 15 year olds she is clear what she wants to do and happy and content with her decisions. "more

Carolyn & Ian

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