5 Benefits Of Father-Daughter Relationships

5 Benefits Of Father-Daughter Relationships [EXPERT]

Recent research has shown that dad's advice could be key to teens' sexual activity.

Studies found that girls who talk to their father about sex have less sex. It is great to see some research coming out into the essential role that dads play in the lives of their teenage daughters and why a father-daughter relationship can be so important.

In my experience, dad tends only to get wheeled out when things are going wrong and have been seen historically as the one dishing out all the punishment; "Wait till your father gets home' was a common catchphrase in the past. But I do think we are missing a trick if we just leave dad to do all the bad stuff.

So what are the benefits of daughters having great relationships with their fathers? Here are five reasons dad's having a healthy relationship with their daughter is helpful:

1. Male energy. Let's face it, to be a healthy happy human, we need a mixture of both female and male energy. We need to know how to be caring, deal with our emotions and be kind, while also learning to get done what needs to be done and plan for what we want in a logical and practical way. To function best as adults, we need both.

This is exactly what dads can do for their daughters. They can teach them effectively how to nurture and grow that male energy within them, that practical, logical, focus-on-the-results part of young girls that is so often ignored. Our young girls are often told to be "good girls" and that being forceful and results-driven are negative qualities to have. It isn't; these are qualities that girls need to make it later in life. However, it is about balancing that with her softer, caring side, too. Dad has a vital role to play it helping their daughters embrace their male side.

2. Positive example. The relationship between a father and a daughter can be the first indication a daughter has to how a relationship with a male is supposed to be. Dad can help her learn and can influence their daughters when it comes to later decisions in life about relationships, the expectations within them and their ideal of what any relationships should look like.

Dads have an obligation I feel to ensure that their daughter views their first male relationship as a healthy, equal relationship. When dads start to think about the relationships that they want their daughter to have later in life and start to model that in their relationship with her, they are setting them up for their future. This is about showing your daughter that men are driven and focused, yet kind and caring, treating women equally and with respect. It is about showing all sides of what being a man is to your daughter.

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